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combo drive ?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by giovanni, Feb 21, 2003.

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    I don't have a combo drive in my yet to be shipped PM. If I were to add one would any model be compatible ?

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    dudes !!!! come on I don't want to research myself
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    maybe u shouldn't double post then and someone would take u seriously and how impatient you've been posted for an hour don't rush these things if ppl want to answer they will but spamming message boards won't help.
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    WHAT? thats ***** rediculous so WHAT if the
    guy is a little excited about it. and two posts
    equals spamming a message board? then i
    would say you must be the message board

    anyway, to the originator of the post...i dont
    know, you might want to try macworld.com
    and see if they have any reviews. im not saying
    they have the best reviews but you can at least
    right down some model numbers.

    i dont know why that guy was such a freak,
    sometimes they come out :D anyway, im sure
    someone will give you a good tip. are you sure
    your not thinking of a superdrive though? i
    know there was a thread here about apple using
    sony's latest superdrive, which is capable of
    burning cd's and dvd's. a combo drive plays dvd's
    but only burns cd's not dvd's.

    im sure you knew that.
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    You know liberally using the word nazi is still quite inscensitive; did you ever consider that my heritage may involve Judaism in some way shape or form and then to proceed to call me a NAZI? how rude is that. I think that by double posting he ruins the overall quality of the forums so I remarked about it. I'm sorry that I strive for a better set of MacRumors Forums and that you cannot see this. And if this kid was so excited he shoudl start looking a few things over himself then bring specific models hes considring to the forums(JUST LIKE YOU SAID BEETLE). Wait a few days get a general consensus and then purchase.
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    really dont care what you think. if your so
    sensitive then i would suggest you be a bit
    more polite.
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    oh shoot. sorry, i thought you ment he posted
    a reply to his own thread before anyone responded...now i see you mean he opened two threads on the subject. i suppose your right about the double posting.
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    If you are going to install Combo Drive on your own, just to be safe, I would try to get the one that Apple uses. I don't know exactly which brand Apple uses. But according to Apple iTune's compatibility list, these are the mechanisms that works. So it might not be a bad idea to consider Combo Drive from one of these manufacturers.

    Plextor PX-W8432Ti 1.08 _
    Plextor PX-W1210TA 1.05 _
    LiteOn LTR-12101B LS3D _
    LiteOn LTR-16101B TSOL _
    LTR-52246S 6S02 _
    Sanyo CRD-BP1500P 6.34 _
    Teac CD-W58E 1.0A _
    Teac CD-W512EB 2.0B _
    Sanyo CRD-BP1400P 5.3 _
    Teac CD-W516EB 1.0A _
    Sanyo CRD-BP1500P 6.34 _
    Teac CD-W540E 1.0b _
    LTR-48125w R48VS06 _
    Plextor PX-W8432T 1.05 _
    LITE-ON LTR-40125W 8021 _
    LITE-ON LTR-40125S 9021 _
    LITE-ON LTR-48125W 8022 _
    Teac CD-W24E 1.0A _
    TEAC CD-W224EA 1.0A _
    Sony CRX700E 1.1k _
    MKE CW-7586 1.06 _
    Sanyo CDBP-121032A 1.02 _
    Yamaha CRW2100E 1.0G _
    Sanyo CDBP-161040A 5.29 _
    Philips CDD4911/33 B1.5 _
    Sanyo CRD-BP1500 1.44 _
    LACIE CDBP-321040A 2.4 _
    Mitsumi CR-480ATE 1.0C _
    CDBP-401248A 1.0 _
    TEAC CD-W540E 1.0B _
    LITE-ON LTR-40125S ZS08 _
    LITE-ON LTR-48125W VS01 _
    TEAC CD-W224EA 1.0A _
    Pioneer DVR-105/A05 1.05 _
    Plextor PX-W1210TA 1.05 _
    Yamaha CRW2200E 1.0D _
    Portable Matsu****a UJDA360 1000 _
    Samsung SW-208B BQ01 _
    Plextor PX-W8432T 1.07 _
    Plextor PX-W1210A 1.07 _
    Teac CD-W512E 2.5C _
    Teac CD-W516EB 1.0A _
    Plextor PX-W1610A 1.0 _
    Sanyo CRD-BP1500P 6.34 _
    MKE CDRRW07 1.0 _
    Sony CRX-120E 1.0j _
    Sony CRX-160E 1.0E _
    TDK CDRW241032FPX 8.4 _
    Ricoh RW8040A 1.13 _
    TEAC CD-W28E-93 1.1A _
    Yamaha CRW2200 1.0D _
    Yamaha CRW2200
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    geee !
    I only posted twice in two different forums - and then, since i never gor a reply I JOKINGLY posted here in reply to myself, sort of whining nobody paid attention to me, but again in an amusing way. Evidently not everyone took that way. But my own reply was really for the post of a day earlier, but this there was no obvious way you could know. But hey, a bit of sense of humour may be lacking ?

    Kwy I did not thing my "rushing" was so dramatic but certainly not serious. I could hardly call that spamming.

    But more importantly, Kwy, about your potential heritage, as such, it is a thing of the past. The holacaust belongs to the past and I wish people, especially jews, begun to realize that, especially with respect to non jews. I believe the whole world has been aware of the problem and participated in the pain and took action then. Enough is enough. I am tired of jews reminding every non jew of the holocaust. Don't try to read anything like antisemitism into this, you could not be farther from the truth. Your example is typical, taking the word nazi .... I don't even want to go forward.

    Point is, who the f*** are you to say where/when one should post - there are administrators here for that purpose. You need a job ? ask them.

    In any event, all of this is not to say that I feel I should/must get a quick answer; clearly this is a forum where people post answers and questions as they wish. And this is fine with me, that is why I am here so often.
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    beatle888, ur correct, posting twice in the same forum is not good at all. That was totally unnecessary. I thought I had only posted twice in two different forums.

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    oK let set the record straight on what I meant. Its great that you decided to post here and start a thread in "HardWare Discussions" I don't care how many times you post to yourself in that specific thread in HardWare Discussions. It is however wrong to post the same question in a different discussion ie (Mac Help/Questions). Perhaps you need to sit down and read the rules that arn has so graciously posted at the top of EVERY forum and discussion. they are at the top so people see them and read them.

    On a side note I'm not trying champion the rights of an Jewish Person. Why don't you go around using the N-Word....because its offensive and msot people understand that. But some how you comparing me to a militrial faction that commited genoicide against a specific race is not offensive? Why don't you open your eyes? to quote you "I am tired of jews reminding every non jew of the holocaust. " I'm not asking you to cry for family that I lost, I'm askign you not to CALL ME A NAZI OR ANYONE FOR THAT FACT OUT OF RESPECT FOR HUMAN DECENCY! and to respond to this " But hey, a bit of sense of humour may be lacking ?" First you whine because your lazy, then someone offends my culutre, then you tell me to not repsond to a direct attack on my culture. oh yeah i FORGOT TO LAUGH. Gio " it is a thing of the past. The holacaust belongs to the past and I wish people, especially jews, begun to realize that, especially with respect to non jews." History repeats itself, son. I'm not asking much of anyone except to stop saying outlandish things that may offend someone's culutre. You may want to open your eyes this is the society we live in a modern society where people should not have to be ethnically demeaned.

    As you said "Point is, who the f*** are you to say where/when one should post - there are administrators here for that purpose." I'm sorry that I try to keep the forums usable to other people without you asking the same question in every forum or discussion. And if you came here that often youd know how annyoing it is to see the same whiny person asking the same question in two different forums. You said "In any event, all of this is not to say that I feel I should/must get a quick answer; clearly this is a forum where people post answers and questions as they wish. A" The fastest way to get something done is to do it yourslef and ask for help when you need it. Its pretty obvious you excpet the forums to do the work for you considering that you did not even give a lsit of features you wanted or a price range. So you want the forums to act like a personal shopper for you ?

    The bottom line is exactly what you said "I only posted twice in two different forums". YOUR NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT! I responded to this obvious lack of judgement that you have an all the sudden i'm the bad guy. you did broke the rules, i called you on it and all the sudden your entitled to stuff.. not quite logical to me.
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    odd look at this little rules gem "4) Do not post multiple messages with the same content. One post in the proper area is sufficient."
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    to all the things you said, all I can say is ....

    ******* BIG DEAL ********
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    anyway how doesn't a new pmac have a combo i thought atleast one drive had to be a combo or higher.
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    You're perfectly correct.

    A PowerMac has to have at least one optical drive. These days, the choices are a ComboDrive or a SuperDrive.

    If you get two optical drives, the second one can only be a Combo Drive.

    And yes, the SuperDrive does everything a ComboDrive does plus it has the ability to burn DVD-R's as well. The Apple price for getting a second optical drive is quite decent $150 for the Combo Drive. Can you get one elsewhere for less? Yes. Is it worth the effort? That depends on a number of factors. I decided it was worth Apple's price so it would be covered by AppleCare. In three years, the odds are I'll burn out both optical drives at least once. I'm not easy on cd burners.
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    the 1.25 comes with the combo, then you can custom order, either replacing it with a superdrive or adding to it a superdrive. What I did was to replace it, so my CTO comes with the superdrive only.
    I had read/heard somewhere that better combo than what Apple installs can be used instead, but I have no idea now which ones are such drives. Actually I did some basic quick research, especially at xlr8, but was a bit disappointed, most drives seem to require firmware changes of some sort to be fully compatible. My hope was that may be someone around here had just done that so he would know. After all isn't this all about sharing info, views, tricks and stuff ?
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    Did you try using the search function to find other threads where people might have installed or upgraded their optical drive?

    Like this thread?
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    bear, the big IF is if you do get two optical drives. If you get one it can be either one.

    At this point, I am totally with you in that the best way to go about it is to get Apple's, just more convenient - I screwed up, should have ordered with both. Now I don't want to change though because I have had more than enough waiting :)

    As I mentioned in my prior post, the main reason I decided not to include the combo is because I thought it was easiy to get one, better, separately (also I was not at all, and I am not in a rush) - but evidently that was not a great move !
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    bear, I did try the search but the best thing out of it was a suggestion to check xlr8.com, which has a db on this topic. Now that is where I realize it ain't that simple at all.
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    I agree i mean i've abused applecare already and my ibook is only four months old although as i said b4 i think i got a lemon. I've needed a new logic board (and probably a second when i get it back this week) a new exnternal keyboard, a new internal keyboard and a replacement airprot card. All that they have replaced. So I just let apple do it and sleep securly knowing its all covered.

    A side note that i paid $99 for a brand new sealed plan on eBay so really except for my lemon of an iBook thats now in repairs bargain huning paid off.
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    ...a curiosity. I don't have a Mac yet, but when one has both a superdrive and a cdrw, how would iTunes decide where to burn ? does it depend on where it detects a blank disk ?

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    I'm assuming you used to use windows so I'll compare it to that. iTunes cd bruneer functions liek any other cd burner program. Once you set to burn you playlist a dialog that says Burn Disc Now or somthing liek that pops up and you cna make your decision on final options and theres a drop down with all avalilbe burners. You pick the one you want and your set.
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    Under iTunes Preferences, there is a tab for Burning prefs. You might be able to select which optical drive there if you have two optical drives in the system. This would be if you selected "Burn" without having and blank media in an optical drive.

    Also, if you insert the blank disk and then when the finder pops up asking what you want to do with the CD-R, selecting iTunes should point iTunes at the proper drive.

    The only thing to do (unless someone who has a dual optical setup chimes in) is to try the above and play around when you get the system.

    Oh, and before you ask... To use the keyboard to open/eject from the second optical drive in an MDD PowerMac use Option-Eject.
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    thanks, I was just curious. I have used macs and only Apple for a long time, but only now I have decided I am going to create my own music cd's (like I want to have compilations of my favs opera areas, favs house music stuff...etc.). Haven't used much iTunes before except for the radio, which I love by the way.

    And you are right about the option-eject, so many people have asked I knew about that just from reading posts around here. In any case don't you have menu item on the top right corner that ejects either drive ?

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