Combo or Superdrive?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by CrackedButter, Aug 7, 2003.

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    I'm waiting on the next update of the powerbooks but i would like other peoples views on whether its best to buy one with the combo drive, superdrive or a combo drive with an external dvd writer.

    Looking at the prices i could save money as well if i go with an external and the external is faster at writing.

    But i fancy the all-in-oneness of the superdrive, but its speeds put me off especially when a combo drive is faster at burning cd's than a superdrive. Also ther is less to carry around, but i know i won't carry the external drive alot, still it is a point to make as i don't enjoy alot of clutter around here.

    While i have the money to buy either i would like to save some as well and have that flexability.
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    i went with the combo drive instead of the super drive. it's cheaper and the cd burning speed is faster than the super drive. consider how many cd's you would burn and how many dvd's you would burn.
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    I think that if you expect to burn lots of CD's and you'll have to use your internal drive, then you'd probably do best with a combo drive.

    However, if you're planning on burning lots of CD's and cost is no object, you'd probably do better with an external CD burner.

    So I'd suggest the SuperDrive: It gives you access to iDVD rather than having to use DVD Studio Pro or something else to author. Less pursuasively, there's also a cool factor about being able to DVD burn anywhere that's very Mac, IMHO.
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    I have the same question right now. I am leaning towards the SuperDrive because I use burn a number of DVDs at work and I love the advantage of using dense media. Also, I expect that some software companies will start switching to DVDs to distribute their products. This has already happened in the technical industries( like in automotive diagnostic, repair and estimate software and in the specific subject references.

    The problem is, can I justify a $200 add on that will be primarily used for back up purposes? I think I can, as I paid over 300 for my QPS USB CD burner when I purchased my Tangerine iBook, and it has been an invaluable for backups.

    I am cash strapped, and push come to shove I would likely drop the SuperDrive option before I contemplate pirating software.
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    Remember that the Combo drive is a DVD reader -- just not a DVD burner.

    So whether distribution of software is done by CD or DVD shouldn't affect your Combo-/SuperDrive decision. And if your major DVD use is backup, you may consider saving the $$.

    I still think the real source of value in the SuperDrive is that it doesn't just give you DVD burning -- it also gives you iDVD for authoring. (Recall that iDVD can't be used with non-SuperDrive DVD burners!) It's a real piece of significant utility software that offers a low-cost bridge to DVD Studio Pro ($499).
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    I thought some external drives could be used with iDVD?
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    I completly frogot that. You may of just saved me $200. $200 of stupidity.
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    My understanding is that the SuperDrive is a Pioneer 105 or 106. It *might* be the case that these drives work with iDVD even when not factory-installed, but I would be skeptical until I saw it happen. According to other threads, the prevailing wisdom is that iDVD is made to work with original-equipment SuperDrives. (Consider that Apple's website describes iDVD as requiring "a SuperDrive" -- not just a DVD burner.)

    If I were you, I'd take that $200, stick $100 in the pocket of a winter coat that I won't wear until, say, December and forget about it. The other $100 would go to something frivolously enjoyable. Enjoy!
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    I need a text/screen reader, and though OutSpoken will never be ported to OSX OmniPageX will do what I need and is about the same cost. The problem with getting a new computer is not just the cost of the Hardware, but the cost of upgrading all of my OS9 software, much of which must be repurchaced.

    If I win the lottery I promise that I will grown long arms and find that coat pocket.

    I hope that your avatar matches your name. That will be very cool if it does!
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    I've made an animated gif of a brain on a hamster wheel -- but shhh! -- it's a secret! Can't wait to get to 500 posts....
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    Well with your next post you will be nearly 37% of the way there.
    Your posts are well thought out, and appreciated. It will take you time, but you will certainly of earned it.

    Does the SuperDrive have multiple burning lasers, or is it 1 laser and lens element that burns in multiple frequencies?
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    As I understood you can't use an external drive with iDVD. You need to purchase DVD pro which is quite expensive.
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    hmmm i'm sorry but iDVD doesn't seem to be a factor in my purchase and i think its worrying that Apple isn't going to support other drives...its their software that they want people to use after all.
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    Aw, shucks....'re too kind. :)

    I didn't see any mention of whether the S'Drive is single- or multi-laser on Apple's site or on Pioneer's. Might be a question to post in the Hardware forum.
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    May I suggest...

    That sinc eyou are waiting for the next updates, you wait and see what the optical drive offering is then?

    The superdrive built in gives you more portability. And would be covered under Apple Care.

    If you really need faster burning, then choose your options.

    One note, burning CDs faster than 32x won't save you much time at all per CD. So factor that in as well. (When you see what the next round of drives offer.)

    As to iDVD compatability, a firewire drive will not wort with iDVD. Those who have gotten Pioneer drives working with iDVD have them on IDE connections inside a PowerMac.
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    Powerbook G5

    I'd wait to see what the drives are like on the new systems, myself. Apple has gone with Superdrives across the PowerMac line now, so who knows. If the PowerBooks go all Superdrives, that saves me one extra question, too. I just hope if they do, that they increase the speed a little. If I pay the extra $200, I'd like to burn at faster than 1x

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