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come get some

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by AlphaTech, Apr 29, 2002.

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    I also have a PowerBook G4 up for sale.... Specifications as follows (brief rundown)...

    500MHz PowerBook G4
    1GB RAM
    20GB hard drive (60GB drive for additional $400)
    OS 9.2.x and OS X 10.1.4 installed and configured
    Has just under 2 years of AppleCare protection remaining (transfer to new owner).'

    Asking $2400 (US$)

    PM/email me if you are interested in it. I will be willing to work on the price, as well as toss in the Brenthaven carrier that I have for it (backpack style, very nice and protective).
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    Mr. Anderson

    Re: come get some

    So do you think there's going to be a glut of old TiPB out there? It should be interesting to see were the street value of these machines falls.

    I think its time for me to play the lotto....
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    Re: Re: come get some

    exactly...mine's losing value by the minute... :(
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    Just to make sure people know... 'asking' price is just that, I am asking. All reasonable offers will be considered.
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    Is it a Rev A TiBook? I would assume that the old 500's, even maxed out with everything will go for iBook prices. I'm in the market for a TiBook, and there's no way I'd spend in the mid 2000's on an old one when I can get a new one with a higher resolution screen and faster processor for the same price.

    I guess plummeting prices is the price you pay for waiting for a new model.

    All those people who sold in anticipation of WWDC must look like geniuses now.
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    G3 vs G4 processors between the iBook and TiBook... I also have close to 2 years remaining on the AppleCare protection. Then there is the RAM (1GB). I priced out a 550MHz model last week, and with the memory and such, it would come close to $3000 from Apple.

    I am willing to negotiate, but only to a point. Besides, the iBook doesn't even come close the the TiBook's screen size.
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    All I can say is try eBay, where Apple stuff routinely sells for more than it is worth. I sold my Rev A TiBook (500, 768M, 20G) for $1500 two weeks ago. Add $200 for your AppleCare, and $200 for your memory, and you're sitting at about $1900.. which I think you could get. On eBay, though, I think it is very possible to get $2500
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    FYI, the Applecare does transfer to the new owner of the covered equipment. I checked the paper that came with the confirmation letter.

    Coverage expires on 3/24/04. Just under two years from now.
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    I am willing to come down on the price, but someone needs to act soon, or I will just trade it in towards the new one. I will be taking a harder hit that way, but at least I will have the new one.

    I am willing to reduce the price, by pulling one of the 512MB chips, to $2000. It still has the AppleCare Protection Plan on it, that DOES transfer to the new owner.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Don't start getting desperate now. Where will you be trading it in? I looked into that and wasn't too happy with the one place I went. Have you tried any other means of selling it?
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    I would need to come up with about $1600 to get the new one, if I traded my current one in. I put an ad up on Yahoo, people are looking, but not responding with requests. If I don't get any solid requests for it, I will probably trade it in. I don't know how long I can hold out for the new one. I also don't want to wait a few days, and then have to wait a month or more for additional units to arrive, if they sell out of them.
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    think that lot of people will post but nobody will react like buy-react.

    Best bet I guess is to trade it, and put some extra cash with it for the new one you want. It would take much longer than a couple days to sell you're Tibook on ebay, Yahoo or whatever site you're posting it on.
    (See if the newer Tibook can handle the RAM which is you're current Tibook, if so keep the extra RAM, that way you're new baby already is Gig-edded :D )
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    That's pretty much what I am planning now. I will suffer with paying more to get the new one over what I want for my old one, but that is the way it goes. I know that the upper chip in my current TiBook will work in the new one, so I will be at 768MB right off the bat. I might trade in the pair of 256 chips for a single 512 later, to get back up to a GB.

    I figure I will give it until I hear from the guy that takes trades. He is also taking a bit off the price of the new one, to make it a little easier.
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    re: TiBook

    I decided to quit worrying about it all...

    yesterday I finally ordered AppleCare for my Rev. A Ti...and I plan on adding a 512 chip to it next month...I know my TiBook does exactly everything I ever need it to...getting the newer model would just be to satisfy my Macintosh Junkie-Syndrome...

    I've also started a "Next Generation PowerBook Fund" which I will add to each week....he he he...

    I've decided between buying a car and moving out of state (all within the next 4 months)...buying another system just wouldn't be the best idea...

    sad in one aspect....but I'll be happier in the long run :D
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    Looks like I have another person at work that is interested in purchasing my 500MHz TiBook... I just hope that it happens before the end of tomorrow, so that I can get the new one over the weekend (Sat. or Sun).

    I am itching to play UT on the new one :D... I will probably leave the drive setup exactly as Apple ships it. That way, I can install my applications for both OS 9.x and OS X 10.x onto it without issue.
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    Well, my old TiBook is gone, and the new one is here.

    Time to close this thread

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