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Comeback of the Chopper

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Mr. Anderson, Feb 25, 2004.

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    Mr. Anderson

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    That looks like a bike that just might accommodate my lanky frame of 80." When I first saw the word chopper, I thought it was a story about a helicopter.
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    i think it's awesome... i'd love one to ride around the city :D
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    Re: Comeback of the Chopper

    heheheh I posted this in January.... :D


    there wasn't any pictures of it at that time though, or not any online that I can remember.

    I think it looks dead dandy... although shame they've replaced the classic gear shifter with a handlebar mounted one... :(

    abit before my time was this bike, my era started with the Grifter and the classic Burner! :D
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    bag o' shhiiitte:)

    no really what a cop out. It's like VW Beetle and BMW Mini all over again.

    It has the same name and the same size wheels, that was easy enough to do, they even made an improvement with an alloy frame. What in the name of hell made them bugger up the seat so badly? What the hell does anyone want with a Chopper that doesn't have a central gearstick?
    If people want a twist grip gear system they should buy a Grifter.
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    sorry iGav, I started posting, then a coffee getting detour took me.

    you got to rage about the gear stick before me. I actually had a Grifter, I wanted a Bomber with the cow horns but my inside leg wasn't anywhere near long enough. You can see why they put pads on the Burner, you only had to ditch into the cross bar once on a Grifter to know why BMX was going to be popular.

    I think I answered my own question about the central gear stick.:eek:
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    exactly... it's not a Chopper without the central gearshift... Raleigh made a big boo boo there... :(

    my bro had a Grifter... which was at it's end when I was old enough to start riding.... the hotty at the time was the Burner, and every kid wanted to be Andy Ruffel!! :D

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