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Comedy Central 0.99 Episode Summer Sale

Discussion in 'iPod' started by The Toon Master, Jul 7, 2008.

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    Strangers with Candy Seasons 1-3
    Crank Yankers Season 1-3
    Drawn Together Seasons 1-2
    Mind of Mencia Seasons 1-2
    Reno 911! Seasons 1-2
    South Park Seasons 1-2
    The Sarah Silverman Program Season 1
    Lil' Bush Season 1
    The Upright Citizens Brigade Season 2
    The Naked T-Bones and Trucker Show
    American Body Shop
    Dog Bites Man
    Halfway Home
    Freak Show
    Stephen Colbert's Tek Jansen Adventures

    U.S. iTunes Store only!!
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    When does it start?
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    It looks like the Sarah Silverman Show Season 2 is still 1.99 each...
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    Heh, that's weird because I remember it being listed initially

    Are the prices working for anyone? I can't buy an ep of Sarah Silverman Season 1
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    I just bought an episode of Sarah Silverman Season 1 and it was fine. Apple just posted the ad for the sale on the iTunes home page and Sarah Silverman Season 2 is not advertised as .99.
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    I just did too (Got the 4th ep, one of the funiest TV episodes i've ever seen)

    I guess Season 2 will not be apart of the sale, so i'll take it off
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    What a coincidence! I bought the 4th episode too!
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    I liked the first season of The Sarah Silverman Show, I watched when it first showed. My girlfriend didn't think it was funny at all, but I like Sarah quirky humor. Thanks for pointing out the sale, I bought the whole first season ( a whopping 6 episodes!!).
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    I think I'll have to finally buy a couple of Crank Yankers episodes. I don't like every episode, but there are a couple of classics with Special Ed.
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    I've already bought 3 Sarah Silverman Program Eps and a South Park Ep

    If this sale goes well, don't be suprised if this sale is tested with MTV and/or VH1, and possibly Nickeloden, since they are all owned by the same company

    Edit: Looking at the Top Sales and stuff, Sarah Silverman Season 1 is already at #12 for Top TV Seasons, South Park Season 1 at 20, Lil' Bush Season 1 at 24, South Park Season 2 at 28, Drawn Together Season 1 for 35, Stella at 60, Reno 911! Season 1 at 88, and Reno 911! Season 2 at 99. Over less than a day, 8 Seasons have already propelled themselves into the Top 100 TV Seasons. That's 1/3 of all the series on sale! I haven't even checked it just in the comedy section, but im sure there's even more seasons in there.

    So odds of another sale are very likely
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    Thanks for the heads up about this sale. Am I the only fan of Freak Show? The first half of the finale was one of the most outrageous half hours of TV I've ever seen. It offended nearly everyone, yet in a very funny way.
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    thanks for posting this im going to buy some episodes :)
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    Am I the only fan of Strangers With Candy? Possibly one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. Amy Sedaris is great. Stephen Colbert's in it too. Too bad it was cancelled a while ago. :(
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    You're not the only fan of the series; I'm a fan as well. I must say that I was really disappointed in the movie, however. I don't know what happened there . . . .

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