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Comic Book App....

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by rhett7660, Jul 22, 2012.

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    I was at comic con 2012 and a company was demo'ing their app for comic books. However they had several comics already in the app and the app allowed for 360 degree views of the comics. You could move through the scenes and it was very fluid and the graphics were killer. However I can't find the brochure that I picked up.

    The comic that was demonstrated for me was a medieval time frame. The had a castle and there was also a town setting. In the town you could stand in the middle and look around the entire town including the sky and ground. There was also a person in the window.

    I hope someone has seen this or knows the name of the app. I have been googling for it but have not had any luck.
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    I was able to track it down by doing lots and lots of google searches and basically going through the entire comic con vendor list.


    Madefire is the name of the app and from the link you check out some of the demos. It is pretty freaking slick.
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    Nice app.
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    It is pretty slick. I am hoping they bring more comics to the platform. It is pretty cool and it does bring a new level to comics IMHO.
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    Who are the current publishers carried by the app? This looks great if they can get dark horse, top cow, image, etc on board.
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    So far they have pretty much been home grown comics. After looking over their website it doesn't mention working with other comic book companies.

    From what the guy was telling me is everything is being drawn and done from the ground up.

    I do hope they start to work with a company to bring some of the more popular titles to the app.

    But so far no complaints other than, they need more content! :)

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