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coming back from the Darkside

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Johnner1999, Oct 2, 2003.

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    I was a Mac user for the longest time (in fact mu first computer was a brand new Apple //c - wow I just dated myself a little bit huh)

    my last Mac was a Ti400 which I loved but it felt to fragile so and the comapny I work is very un-mac so I switched to the Darkside...

    Well I figure I want a Mac back and want to buy the new 15 PB -- now that it made from Aluminum is it more "solid" feeling.. I also had an iBook G3 500 at the same time and that was like a rock - so I might get the 12 PB. But I really want the thinner bigger 15 :)

    thanks in advance,
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    I just 'switched' to an Apple with the new 15" AlBook, and I really couldn't be happier with it.

    I had always lusted after Macs for as long as I can remember, but was thrust into the PC world and never really thought otherwise.

    As far as the 15" goes it is a great machine, beautiful screen, solid keyboard (better than an external one IMO), Firewire is great, as are the 2 USB 2.0 ports on either side.

    Spend some time looking around the site and I am sure you'll see more and more reviews from 15" users.

    Good Luck and welcome
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    I found a good deal on a brand new last generation TiG4-1GHz superdrive unit ($2100) I think I'll go for it since I can't see spending $2600 for the new Al1.25... But I really wanted the newer stronger case (it is stronger correct?) so I might go with the new G4 12" w/ superdribe????

    Besides the extra 250MHz what I missing by not getting the newer 15" Al PB vs. the older Ti1GHz unit? Is the keyboard backit and did they have USB 2.0?

    thanks for any input you fine folks have :) I need help :D
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    The Ti has older graphics hardware (Radeon 9000 vs. 9600), no USB 2.0, no keyboard backlight, and I believe that the RAM capacity is lower.
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    the older Tibooks did not have backlit keyboards, internal bluetooth, airport extreme extreme, usb 2, firewire 800, or Radeon 9600 graphics card.

    In short, the Tibooks lack a great deal of the advanced tech that the new Albooks have.

    btw, I just got the new 12" and it's fantastic, but I can see where you would want the 15". I really don't think you can go wrong with the new Albooks... I wouldn't get a Tibook if I were you.
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    this is the model M8859LL/A I was told it did have the backlight and was not the same as the orginal Ti?
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    Even if money is a big issue in your decision, if I were you, I would go to a store that has both units and compare them side by side, feature by feature. You will find it is no contest and I predict that your credit card can easily accomodate the price difference. After all why don't you celebrate your homecoming with the best (or one of the best) Apple toy!.You deserve it, right? Besides, it's worth the money. I am a switcher myself and a Windows addict from day 1, so I'm probably the same "mature" age as you. I went through the same thing between the PB17 and the Ti15 and the price difference was even more overwhelming but as soon as I saw the PB17 in front of me, didn't even blink and pulled out my checkbook as my wife kept asking me if I can afford it . Glad I made the right decision. That was back in May!
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    I don't think that's a very good deal. You can get the 1ghz. version of the new 15" AlBook (with combo drive, not super drive), for only $1999. This gives you the Aluminum case plus the updated technology of the new 15" Powerbook without the price of the 1.25 ghz. model.

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