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Discussion in 'Games' started by LilMissMac, Mar 28, 2007.

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    Does it exist for mac? If so, where can I find it?
    Thank you in advance!
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    It doesn't exist for the Mac. The best thing to do would be to use Boot Camp and buy the PC version.
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    I'm gonna sound liek as much of a newb as i am to this board.... what is boot camp? lol
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    Boot Camp It allows you to install Windows on your Intel Mac so that you can play PC games if you want. You'll need a copy of Windows w/SP2 obviously as well.

    P.S. Although, Company of Heroes runs like horse dung on a Macbook, probably averages about 20-25 fps and looks pretty terrible. You'd probably need a Macbook Pro with the dedicated graphics card to run it well
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    It runs great with medium textures on my iMac. I have every other setting on high though. I'm just limited to Medium textures since I have 128 MB of video RAM. If you want the best performance I suggest 256 MB of video RAM at minimum.

    It's dual core optimized too. :D
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    Exactly, the Macbook (which I assume the OP has, since it's in her sig) doesn't have a dedicated gpu, yours does. That's why your iMac runs it well, and her Macbook won't.
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    I wouldn't even try running CoH on an integrated video chipset.
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    I wouldn't worry about it - the 945 inside hte Macbook actually handles it surprisingly well. I used to play it on there regularly and y'know? It actually didn't look horrible, played nice and smooth.
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    Well, if you think 20-25 fps is smooth, I guess you and I have a totally different definition of what smooth is. When I played CoH on my Macbook, it was terrible. Of course, I'm a "gamer," and have a pretty nice PC rig for gaming. I guess for people that really don't play that much, they perceive 20-25 fps as good, I don't like anything under 50 myself...
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    Maybe with everything set to low and at 640x480. Even at Medium textures the game has somewhat muddy textures. Antialiasing and widescreen resolutions really make the game more bearable.
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    Just had a boot up and check - running on native resolution for the Macbook - has a variety between low and mid - being honest? I could probably tweak and get a different set up to run smoother/prettier, but I don't use my laptop for gaming much

    Respectfully? Anyone paying for a £750/850 laptop isn't buying it as a gaming rig. Different things for different people.
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    Company of Heroes videocard performance

    Low 1

    Medium 1

    Low 3

    Medium 3
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    Exactly my point. She does intend to use it as a gaming rig to play CoH, and wondered about performance. Hence, I said she wouldn't be able to run CoH well. There's no doubt that an integrated gpu is terrible for gaming performance.
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    Thanks everyone -

    I've decided not to run it on my mac and just bought more ram for my windows machine so i can run it there. I'm not a huge fan of windows, or anything windows based so I am really hesitant on putting boot camp on my mac.

    :apple: :) I appreciate the help :D :apple:

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