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Compatible iPod Accessories

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by redrider307, Jun 30, 2007.

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    Can we start a list of iPod accessories that people have used with success with the iPhone?

    I'm considering a few things like speakers, FM transmitter/charger for the car, etc. and would love some feedback from people who have these items and are using them with their new iPhones. Thanks (btw, the iPhone is the most incredible piece of technology in the history of mankind!)
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    FWIW, the FireWire wall charger and cable from a 3rd gen iPod work to charge it.
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    I just busted out my Altec Lansing InMotion speakers (first generation). When I plugged in my iPhone, a warning came up saying that it was not made for iPhone and in order to use I would have to switch into Airplane mode and could not receive calls. I said OK and I was able to charge and play music through the speakers, but was NOT able to receive calls while doing so.
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    My Jabra BT250v paired with it perfectly and works great.
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    redrider307 - are you sure you HAD to go to airplane mode to use the speakers? I get the "not made for iPhone" warning on my ipod2car cable in my car and on my ipod hi-fi but if I press "no" the phone stays on and I can also play music
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    my hifi and my belkin autokit both got the "not compatible" messages. :(
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    When you get the "not compatible" message, just make your choice whether you wat airplane mode on or off then see if it works. I bet 9 times out of 10 it will. I have an Alpine stereo with the iPod interface. I get the same thing but it does play music fine. However when the phone goes out and checks for email or a call comes in, I get static through my car speakers (not the iPhone itself).
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    My Acura TL paired right up with it despite it not being on the compatible phones list. :D
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    You're right, I just checked it out and I didn't have to turn the phone into airplane mode. I guess what it means is that the iPhone features aren't integrated into this device. So I'd still be able to receive calls, but what would that do to the speakers... just buzz when one comes in?
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    just tried it with iM5 and it seems to work fine which may suggest that it might work with most of these Altec and Logitech boxes that will fit (which means probably not the Lm7)

    Oh yes, it warned me that it wasn't a (certified)

    And asked me if I wanted the Airplane mode. I said no and this seems to work.
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    Monster ipod attatchment

    I have a monster F.M. transmitter which I use in my truck to play my ipod thru the car stereo. It has three stations you can tune it too and worked exceptionally well with my ipod. I tried to plug it into my iphone to see if it would work. I regret to say that it doesn't :( I was pretty dissapointed, but on the bright side at least I still have a use for my 30 gig video ipod.
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    No go with RoadTrip

    The Griffen RoadTrip FM transmitter gives the 'Not Compatible' message too. :confused:
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    I don't have my iPhone yet, next week. Any word on whether the Belkin car charger for iPod works. - white charger w/ headphone jack and volume control wheel on lighter plug.
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    It charges, but unfortunately the lineout headphone jack does not seem to. I'm really looking for a solution for this...
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    It works on our Bose docking/speaker system...the same message comes up saying that it wasn't made for this device, but just hit OK and the thing works great!
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    It seems there are 2 different error messages. Some let you click OK and it works, and others say you have to switch to airplane mode. I wonder what that is all about?
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    Wouldn't use the line out, just as a car charger. Any chance it would damage it, i.e. be the wrong voltage, etc, as in would an iPhone specific charger be better.
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    I'd imagine it wouldn't be an issue. The use of the 30pin design would cause Apple a ton of grief if it caused damage to the phone. It looks like, and has an, iPod, so it wouldn't be a stretch to say that a reasonable person would assume compatability. That'd be too much money for Apple to risk losing to not make sure the voltage is safe. Plus, if other charge carrying 30-pin accessories (like the 3G cable adapter mentioned earlier) have already been found to be safe, you're ok with the Belkin Auto Kit (the official name for your connector). If you want to keep up on anything that comes up, here's a thread dedicated to it.
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    This accessory does not work. I have one and was disappointed to find out that music does not play through it. Charging seems to work though.
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    I noticed the power supply for these lists the power at 12V @ .67 A and the USB version is 5V @ 1A. Are you sure these are compatible? Cause if so, I will have an extra charger available! :)
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    I would only charge through it.
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    macaddiict, do you have this kit? http://www.crutchfield.com/S-OPqwzEcIIcg/cgi-bin/ProdView.asp?g=305250&I=541PXDPKC

    If so, does it play music, charge the iPhone, and work without static even with the cell phone/WiFi turned on?


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