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    I manage a network of about 25 computers. There are a range of machines, dating from some old imacs to the latest imacs and every laptop in between. most of them are on 10.4, a couple are upgraded to 10.5 and some are still clunking along on 10.3.

    Question, for the Leopard server to work with this scenario, do all the computers have to be upgraded to 10.5?
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    What do you want to use the server for? Are you wanting to manage their logins using Open Directory or just connect to a File Share? Something else entirely?

    Its really going to vary based on the service you want to run, but for the most part leopard server should handle most services with OS 9 to 10.5 clients.
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    I want to use many of the functions of the Leopard server, like the ical and mail and address book.
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    iCal Server requires 10.5 iCal.

    Mail will work fine.

    Address Book works sorta, but you won't have all the advanced group functionality that you have in Leopard.

    Wiki, Weblog should be fine as it is accessed through a browser (correct me if I am wrong)

    Podcast Producer requires Leopard Clients.

    Open Directory has 10.5 Only and general features.

    DHCP, DNS, etc. will work.

    iChat server should work.

    File Sharing will work.

    That covers a lot of it, but I know I'm not thinking of it all. Are you looking at any other particular features? Also, can you take your 10.3 clients to 10.4? Basically any Mac with a FireWire port can handle 10.4.
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    I think you've answered my questions. I can take my old imacs to 10.4 and the functions you mentioned are pretty much what I am looking for. Thanks

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