CompUSA knows how to sell Zunes! (LOL)

Discussion in 'iPod' started by GFLPraxis, Feb 7, 2007.

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    Sorry, I've removed the picture.
    I'm not the only one to have posted it on the internet, but I'm the one that's been quoted everywhere, so I'm taking this down.
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    Nice! They really know how to move product over there! :)
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    This is a good shining example of lack of product knowledge these people have... I'm glad they just put it down in print.

    If I could get a $5 bill for every misleading or incorrect statment I see/overhear from these adds/'computer store' clerks, I'd seriously consider quiting my job. :rolleyes:
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    Hey, if Steve wins the DRM argument, perhaps they will start giving them away with Zunes.
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    At least they will have some music for when they get rid of their Zune.:rolleyes:
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    Really depends on the store. I've switched half the employees at my CompUSA to Macs myself, and they're all very knowledgeable. Some of the salespeople are A+ certified.

    Regardless, the Zune thing cracked all of us up :)
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    I definitely got a chuckle out of the ad; thanks for posting it.

    Several years ago, on my very first visit to CompUSA ever, I couldn't even get their "printer expert" to check to see if he had any Apple Stylewriter II-compatible ink cartridges because I was completely unable to convince him that the StyleWriter was an inkjet printer rather than a laser printer. He literally refused to even look into it because he was sure he was right (and he was definitely very wrong). I know basing my opinion of an entire store on one bad experience isn't very fair, but I swear it pops into my mind every time I enter a CompUSA.
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    People buy Zunes and use iTunes for their music library, Apple would love that :apple:

    The Zune user get annoyed with the Zune and buy iPods, Apple would love that even more ;)
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    I was at FYE and bought 3 CDs from a list, and for every 3 off the list you bought you got a $15 iTunes card...

    Maybe it's a promo that CompUSA is having with a purchase of over $249 for any music player?

    Yes, sort of wierd if you buy a Windows based player and you get stuck with an iTunes card....maybe the store will let you sub for a Zune card or Napster or whatever...
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    Funny! :)

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    You do have to admit that the manager wins points for catching it, and not saying, "Hey, whatever the kids want these days." :D
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    funny....that is classic
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    Not everyone sees the humor. See the Digg thread. Hope you can handle the fame GFLPraxis as it's been flagged as popular!
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    could see this being a new get a mac ad lol:D
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    LMAO! :cool:
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    A while ago I went to get a wireless adapter for my old computer, and someone working there was hovering around the wireless section, so I asked for help. He showed me the D-Link devices, and I said I wouldn't need anything fancy, the cheapest one would do. I picked one up from the shelf and he looked at it. Somehow the one I picked out and another more expensive one got switched and I ended up almost checking out with something $50 more expensive. Not sure if this was an accident or not. ;)

    I remember though, I bought my first iPod from CompUSA and I was taken to the "Apple Guru". This was before I didn't know what a mac was, and I remember seeing the iMac G4 and loving it; well, until I saw the price tag. :eek:
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    Maxwell Smart

    Hilarious, just saw this one through digg ;)
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    The power of Digg is frightening. Hope you didn't get into any trouble at work.

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