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Computer animated video in Sims 2... I need a plot!

Discussion in 'Community' started by hotwire132002, Oct 26, 2004.

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    Well, I'm working on doing a computer animated video using The Sims 2. I plan to do a short film, but I'm at a loss for a plot. Something comedy would be nice. I'm pretty loose about what to go with, but I do think comedy is the genre I want to go for. If someone comes up with a good story, I will use it for the movie. I can't pay anything, but I am more than happy to give credit! Anyone with an idea, PM me please. Thanks!

    Oh, and if you want to get an idea of computer animated movies done in The Sims 2--check this out.
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    Mr. Anderson

    That link didn't work - there any others?

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    Thanks for the fix! I fixed it in the original post as well.

    By the way--I like your current avatar :) !

    So, anyone have any ideas?
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    Mr. Anderson

    Interesting - how's it done? Did they give the voices to the characters or can you give them a script and have them say it - also, how do they do all the gesturing?

    As for ideas, are you limited to the standard people and sets?

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    They gave voices to the characters. In the game, the characters still all speak Sim. As to how they do all the gesturing, I'm not quite sure. I would assume that it's done by having the Sims talk, and then just picking the right gesture while editing.
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    Mr. Anderson

    If you can pull it off, you should redo movies - use the original sound tracks but make it a spoof.

    Or instead of Evil Dead or Dawn of the Dead (Classic Zombie movies) Sims of the Dead or Evil Sim Dead....

    Good luck,

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    Awwwww crap... now you've just given me a project... poop. Time to load up the Sims 2 when I get home I guess... (please let me forget, please let me forget).
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    Mr. Anderson

    Make sure you post the results - I'd love to see it :D

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    Staff Member

    Bummer, I can't seem to download any of those movies, all the links are dead.
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    Only one problem--copyright :( D'OH! It gets in the way of everything.

    I'd like to do a unique short that I don't have any copyright issues with--but that's a really cool idea! Anyone have onn that won't get me sued for copyright infingement? ;)
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    Using game engines for video isn't exactly new Mr.A, it's called machinima, and most of the people who do things like this have access to the same control system that the programers use to make real time rendered cutscenes and stuff. Check out redvsblue.com (the first season was brilliant, but it is going down hill) I believe the folks responsible for redvsblue are also the ones doing the sims 2 strangerhood project.

    As for plots, any kind of spoof would work ok. If you wanted to go really in depth, you could take the audio from something like a Sienfeld (you know what I mean even if I can't spell it) episode and animate it with the characters.
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    No wont get sued, you can always copy something for parody. As long as people can clearly see that its a parody and there is no confusion.

    You could do the first part of Shanw of the dead, when they are in the house. It would be great!
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    I'm still rather cautious around copyright--especially since I want to enter something I do with this in a film festival. So, any unique plot ideas? Spoofs are fine, as long as I don't use original footage/audio.

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