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Discussion in 'Mac Scene' started by MacCoaster, Nov 24, 2002.

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    I've been planning this for a while. I have a satisfactory 1998 Nissan Sentra XE that my parents bought (hey, can't complain).

    One of the things I was planning to do with my car in either summer 2003 or summer 2004 is to do a computer in a car thing.

    I've seen a lot people do it. They all have the neat stuff. Saw one on /. with Windows 95 running it. :eek: Wonder what I'd say to the insurance company if Windows 95 BSODed. :D (My windows crashed, therefore my car crashed :cool: ).

    I've been thinking of doing it with a various of platforms. I saw one running Mac OS 9.x off a Pismo.

    Any suggestions? Would it be better if I stuck with x86 for higher flexibility of customization? What OS? Linux? Windows XP? Mac OS 9/X? How should I go by putting the computer (disassemble G4 tower, put mobo, etc. in new case, whatever), and so on.

    What about DVD playback. How would I connect a DVD-ROM to the "panel" to the Mac/PC/whatever in the back? What about shock protection?

    Would OS X even run on low resolution displays?

    Should be an interesting project to undertake. Has anyone done this before here on MacRumors?
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    can you explain more thoroughly what you mean by "computer in car"?

    just not 100% sure i know what you mean exactly.
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    Mr. Anderson

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    Pathintosh and Re: jelloshotsrule

    See dukestreet's post. Something similar to that.

    I saw a nice widescreen 16:9 touchscreen LCD for just $499 that'd fit nicely in my car. Perfect for full screen DVDs.

    What I really want it to do is to do GPS (via hardware antennae[sp] and software [for map, directions, etc.]), MP3, DVD, Bluetooth (to interface with cell phones and laptops), and so on.
    Yes, that is the one I was referring to about--the one I saw Mac OS 9 running on. That's a Pismo, correct?

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