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Concerned about iMac temps

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Dmac77, Oct 2, 2008.

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    Hi all,

    Lately my iMac (2.4 GHz Alu, 20 inch, mid 2007) has been running really hot. I just looked at my iStat temps, and I'm really concerned about the PSU temp.

    iStat reports that the PSU is running at 74 degrees Celsius. This seems really hot to me. Just a few weeks ago, it was running in the high 60's. Should I be concerned about this, or am I just being over protective? I'm not doing anything that should be resource intensive (have Safari open, and listening to radio stream in iTunes).

    Thanks! (and sorry if I'm being a nut)

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    Do a search, you'll see this a lot. It's NOT a problem, those temperatures are normal. The power supply (PSU) does not have any components that are super sensitive to heat (unlike a CPU or GPU).

    Add to this, the PSU gets cooled with the DISCHARGE air from the CPU, so it's going to run warmer in the first place, because it's getting hot air from the start. (again, this is not a problem, Apple knew what they were doing with the thermal design)

    FYI, my PSU currently 172F (172-183F and no problems for 2 years).
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    Thanks! I did do a search, and from the few posts that I looked at people were in disagreement about wether or not it is an issue.

    I've just become paranoid about something being wrong with my iMac lately, because it's starting to sound like my old Dell tower which is really annoying.


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    download smc fan control ur comp temp is normal my macbook went to 89C before above average temp is 76c
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    Thanks but no thanks. I've tried that before, and it ended up making my iMac crash.

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