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Conditioning battery techniques

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by excalibur313, Sep 29, 2003.

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    What are the proper conditioning techniques for the ipod and the powerbook? I want to make sure that they last as long as possible with minimal buildup of memory.
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    I'd like to know aswell...My 3rd generation iPod's battery life is not good as the 2nd generation ones....What's up with that!
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    The batteries Apple uses in modern PowerBooks and iBooks do not suffer from memory effects. Draining them completely is, in fact, bad for them.
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    I thought that all batteries suffer from some memory. That's why the length of charge gradually decreases over a few years
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    Yes, all batteries do suffer from a memory, even lithium ion. Lithium ion batteries suffer the least from memory build-up though. In each battery category, you have different manufacturers and quality. The higher quality batteries will have less of a memory effect then the lower quality ones. If you use the device the same way each day, it will build up a memory much more quickly then if it is used for varying amount of time each day. If you notice the battery performance decreases a little each week, then a discharge every month or maybe every few weeks is in order. If you cannot tell a difference in the runtime, a discharge every three to six months is still recommended. To properly discharge it, run the device until it powers off and recharge from there. It is extremely bad for a battery to drop below a certain voltage; once it does the battery is dead. Also, rechargeable batteries have a finite life, either through the number of charge/discharges it can take to a certain time period.
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    due to the slimmer form factor, the 3G iPoads don't have a battery life like the 1 and 2Gs. While the first one's were advertised as 10 hours of battery life, the current iPods are advertised as only 8 hours
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    you mean to discharge often? Elaborate please...
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    Batteries have a voltage range, which varies depending on the load, lack of or if they are charging. In that voltage limit range there is a lower limit, if the battery is below that voltage, it will no longer accept a charge. Basically the battery has been damaged and needs to be replaced. The exact voltage that this occurs depends on the voltage of the pack and its construction.

    Some types of batteries are only good for so many cycles, so every time you use it, it shortens its lifespan. Others have a time limit before they die.

    As someone mentioned earlier, the 3G iPods have a shorter runtime then the previous model.

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