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Confirmation of Nano Firewire-less-ness from ThinkSecret

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Makosuke, Sep 8, 2005.

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    As was mentioned a while back. :)

    With the move to intel, Apple is getting USB 2.0 at a bargain. ;) :)
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    Well, beats heck out of "Unexpected error #501." :D

    Thanks for posting; I too was among those wondering what would happen if one plugged a FW docking cable into the Nano. :eek:
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    Dr. Dastardly

    The message should read:

    "Oh, is someone a poweruser all of a sudden?
    Use the USB cable provided jack @$$.

    Press center to dismiss"

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    hey man, some of us have older macs with firewire and Usb 1.1
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    *hugs 2nd Gen. FireWire iPod...casts glaring eye at shuffle*
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    Why USB? I really dislike USB and it isn't like Apple has to license Firewire from anyone.
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    hee hee... love my 3rd gen. I tell you.... buy something from Apple, goes out of date fast, but I still love it. My computer is only 2 years old.. the last G4 MDD Dual 1.25's without USB 2.0 support.

    At some point I'm going to need a new video card and maybe a USB 2.0 card IF I happen to need a new iPod (protecting current iPod as a result).
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    OK, not including the cable is one thing...not supporting it at all is another. :rolleyes:

    So basically if you have a 2-year-old Mac, you're effed.
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    I guess this is one way to drag people kicking and screaming into the future... planned obsolescence. I'd bet a donut that the next iPod (full-size) will also drop Firewire compatibility.
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    ...and will only work on MacTel machines. :eek:

    (Let's hope not)
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    I know you're kidding, but that's hugely unlikely, I think... there are probably technical and cost advantages in dropping firewire support from the iPod. But I can't think of any reason why the processor in the Mac would have anything to do with anything.

    BTW, I didn't see any mention of whether the iPod Nano appears to support USB 1.1 in the tradeoff or not. Anyone know? I guess I do sympathize with mac users who bought relatively recent Macs that lack USB2. :(
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    Hi. Now you got me a bit nervous.......I just ordered a Nano ipod today. The guy from apple told me that I CAN charge the nano with my ac firewire adapter, but could not download using firewire....that I would have to use my usb ports.
    I thought, no problem. I told him that I have a imac G4, 1 gig processor, 768 Mb of ram. I told him that I had a usb port unused on my keyboard, and an extra usb hub.....He said that was fine.

    Now here is a dumb question....how do I tell if I have usb 2.0, or 1.1 ?
    I looked in "about this mac", but even after clicking "more info" then clicking USB, it really did not tell me.

    As you can already tell, i'm a bit of a novice here, but I do love my mac, and the ipods the family has. My son needs a new ipod, so I'm giving him my Gen4 20 gig, and buying the nano for me.

    Will it even work on my computer??

    thank you in advance for your help.

    Frank D.
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    My last computer was--what would be--a two-year-old 1.25 in October.

    No USB 2.0. :rolleyes:

    What really got me was until 10.4 none of the PCI cards supported sleep...

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    You have 1.1 - You can transfer, it will be slow.

    Charge with your AC adapter.
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    Thanks Gary.
    I currently transfer songs with this computer using either the usb port or the firewire on my 20 gig 4th gen ipod.....when I use the usb now with the 20 gig ipod, I don't think it is that slow....I must have low expectations.

    I know I can no longer use the firewire to transfer songs, but if using my "old" usb1.1 is about the same as it is now with my 20 gig, I do not think I will mind.

    thank you for calming my fears....

    Frank D.
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    Hmmm...according to apple-history.com, there was at least one round of iMac G4s that still had 1GHz processors (at least in the 15" model) and also had USB2. They peg the first USB2 iMac G4's at Sep 2003.

    And I'm actually not sure how you tell in system profiler. :eek: Do you have an entry for a USB High Speed Bus in addition to all the other USB entries in system profiler (in the right side, after you click on USB in the left)?
  18. Nuc
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    They better not do away with firewire on the Mactel machines. All I have are FW external HD. Video cameras still use firewire to transfer video... I just purchased a Sony HDV camera so they better not. I really don't like USB 2, sure it has faster transfer speeds in bursts but FW is consistently fast (from my experience).

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    Dr. Dastardly

    Alright alright didn't mean to offend. You read post after post about the speed differences in firewire and usb 2 and they all start looking the same.

    If its a connectivity issue could it be resolved with something like a
    D-Link 4-Port USB 2.0, 3-Port Firewire, Combo Hub. Just a thought that this might be a work around if people really want to pay $60 for a work around.

    I'm acutally suprised that it doesnt support firewire at all. I mean why? doesnt make any sense. :confused:
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    oops, delete! (how do I delete myself? I can't find a 'delete' button in the edit page)
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    Nothing says "High speed" bus...I assume that all I have is 1.1 USB.
    I have a 17" imac G4.......I guess it is what it is...I'm happy with it. As long as the new nano will work with it, like my current 20 gig ipod does, I'll be happy.......you don't miss what you never had I guess....
    Frank D.
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    I'm willing to bet they dropped FW from the nano in order to conserve space. Probably not enough space for 2 chips to support USB and FW
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    I thought it was just a firmware?
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    I wanted to get a nano... but no firewire support... no deal.
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    Ditto here. Its obviously to keep it smaller. The big boys (iPods) will continue to support Firewire. Apple is not dropping Firewire anytime soon.

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