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Confused by iCloud

Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by TranceNW, Oct 12, 2011.

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    Hi all

    I'm a little confused with iCloud. When I use iCal, it it showing me duplicate entries of all of my appointments as it is showing me an iCloud entry and an entry from 'My Mac'.

    I thought iCloud was supposed to unify the two?

    It's a similar situation with contacts. If I wish to use iCloud to manage my contacts/calendars then do I need to remove the calendars held on my mac?

    Also, if my phone signal drops or my mac does not have access to wifi, am I still able to see my appointments and my contacts in address book?

    Thanks :)
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    Once you set it up, you will be fine

    I think when you first installed it, it said something like 'You have calendar items on your device, would you like to keep them" and you clicked yes, or merge or something.

    WHen you did that, it kept the ones on your device and it has the ones in iCloud, so, the answer here is, once you get it all organized, it will be OK. You just might have some cleaning up to do
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    I see, thanks for the help.

    So, when I open my iCal, how can I prevent it from showing me the same calendar twice? One from iCloud and one from 'My Mac' ?
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    click on "Calendars" and uncheck the iCloud one
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    Ah excellent, is there any way to stop it from showing that calendar again when I reopen iCal?

    Thanks for this help, its much appreciated.

    Edit: Scratch that, it doesnt show the iCloud calendar upon reopen, excellent, thank you!
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    if you want to remove it all together or not use it, go to system preferences, then iCloud, and turn it off
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    I love the convenience of it, just having a few teething problems I think.

    So, my iPhone's contacts are showing as 'from iCloud' and contacts 'on my iPhone' are blank, is this the correct setup?
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    It could be. Its all in your settings. You can set it up how you wish.

    Im getting off work now and won't be able to respond.

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