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Confused: firmware 2.2.1 thread

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by Global2, Jan 27, 2009.

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    An earlier thread asking about the new 2.2.1 release was promptly shut with the terse admonition to search, especially for an earlier thread with hundreds of responses. Now I am confused. I have just searched for 2.2.1 and found nothing. Moreover, since 2.2.1 was only released earlier today, how could there be hundreds of responses? I seem to be missing something. Could I be pointed in the right direction? Thanks.
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    There's a thread about 2.2.1 in the iPhones forum, and yes, it's got "hundreds" of responses already. I assume most of the discussion there is also applicable to the Touch.
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    Thanks for the response. Oh, I see. I will look over there. Thanks again.
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    If I only have a Touch, why would I search the iPhone forum?
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    A Touch is pretty much an iPhone without a phone. You'd be surprised how much of the discussion in the iPhone forums is relevant to the Touch. I've often noticed questions being asked in the Touch forum that might have been answered quicker if they had been asked in the iPhone forum, simply because they get more traffic.
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    The fact remains that if someone owns an iPod touch that it is quite possible b/c they chose NOT to get an iPhone. For that reason it is right to assume that someone who owns an iPod touch would not go to or frequent the iPhone forum.

    They seem to be two distinct platforms, and I don't understand why it's unreasonable to assume that there can be individual threads in separate forums discussing the new software. After all, it's not like there are three or four threads in each forum cluttering up the front page.

    But that's just me...
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    Yeah, that was my point.
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    I agree completely. I have a link to this forum on my Touch home page and come 'here' if I want to read and/or discuss anything to do with the iPod Touch. You could argue that nearly every thread on this forum has been discussed on the iPhone forum at some point and therefor the whole Touch forum is a waste of time and space.
    So with that in mind, I'd like to start a discussion 'here' on the new firmware upgrade.
    Normally, I would update immediately, but since my Touch has been working flawlessly since the last upgrade (apart from 1 app that crashes constantly), I am reluctant to upgrade yet. Safari has been extremely stable and I don't use the save pictures function so if anyone has found any hidden features, lets talk about them. Also, the app that crashes on me constantly (Tech News) has a built in browser. When Apple says that they have improved the stability of Safari, would that also improve the stability of a browser within an app?

    PS, I checked out the thread on the Iphone forum via Macrumors mobile site on my Touch (only displays 5 posts per page). At last count, the thread had 78 pages of mostly juvenile replies to someone who complained about people posting that they were in the process of updating. One more reason to have a condensed discussion here, as it's a known fact that Touch owners are much more mature and intelligent than iPhone owners. :D
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    You didn't need to search. There is news article posted on the front page. It's the third one down right now.

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