Congratulations New Zealand

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by elppa, Nov 22, 2008.

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    Rugby League World Cup winners.

    I don't think anyone saw that coming at all. Massive upset.

    Apart from England's woeful contribution it has been a very good tournament.

    Hard luck Australia. I feel really sorry for you after hearing for so long it was a competition only one team could win. :)
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    Well, what a boil-over.

    New Zealand totally thumped us in this final of the 2008 Rugby League World Cup, or more realistically the South Pacific Cup (with special guests England, France, Scotland and Ireland).

    International Rugby League really needs a kick in the cods.

    That being said, a superb victory to the Kiwis tonight.
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    Not the best publicised tournament. Most people over here weren't even aware it was on, yet we all know that in Union today England play South Africa and Wales host New Zealand.

    However, well done NZ anyway :)
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    And France is taking on the Aussies early tomorrow morning our time.
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    The less said about those matches, the better! :eek:
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    A victory over Australia in anything is a victory for all that is decent and good in life. :D ;)
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    I loves me some Hakka. Yep. :cool:
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    Don't think me crazy, but I loved NZ even before this.

    Even if that lil nation is a sausage fest - I'd still love to live there. :)
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