Conjoined Iranian Twins Die After Surgery

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by eyelikeart, Jul 8, 2003.

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    Mr. Anderson

    This is really sad - I was following it a little yesterday myself - they had even said that everything was going great and the hardest part was successful (separating a vein in their brains).

    Makes you wonder if they didn't die because of the operation, but instead of being separated after a lifetime connected.....:(

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    This was pretty full on...

    I can recall that they said that they want seperate lives even if it included death, that's what I heard...

    These things are always dangerous, seperating at the head has been successful on babies but this was the first on adults...

    Sad day...
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    I know. It didn't really go into detail in this article what the pure cause was. Maybe it was total their bodies sustained from the experience?
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    I haven't really been following this, but I had heard about it, and I was hoping that it would be successful.

    It seems like there's a lot of sad news this past week. :(
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    This is really sad. Apparently they were really nice people and very successful (both law graduates).

    I read that the operation was due to take around 48 hours but yesterday after nearly that time had gone, the doctors said it could still take another 3 days.

    The surgeons said that the bone in the skull was thicker than they had expected, and that their two brains were fused where they thought they would be separate.

    I would have thought that at least the bone thickness could have been mapped very accurately by MRI or PET, and that they would have had also have had a better idea of how the brains were linked.

    It is sad, but I read that the girls understood the risks and were prepared to risk death to give it a go. I hope something has been learned from this for helping people in the future.
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    I also heard about this. Apparently they passed away from blood loss. One of the sisters at 2:30PM (eastern time) and the other at 4PM. I think it was an amazing feat that they attempted the surgery at all. The news is very unfortunate, but I'm sure the doctors gave their best with the medical knowledge and technology we have.
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    I also had followed the story on the news. It's trully a sad outcome. I don't blame them for trying, can't even imagine what it would be like to live with no privacy for 29 years.

    With surgery there is always a risk of bleeding. The body gets into a situation where the blood can no longer clot normally. Massive shock that the body can't handle.

    My prayers go out to their family and friends! :(
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    :(i have ben following the story for a while, and i am now very sad that it didnt work out for them. i also would like to wish thier family and friends the very best.:'(
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    I heard on the radio this morning that the doctors are foregoing their fees for the operation. Previously Iran was going to pay for the post-surgery expenses as well.

    For the record, they were fully aware of the complications that could incur from the procedure. They wanted it anyway.
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    I watched a TV program a few months ago about surgeries used to separate conjoined twins. The operations have marathon lengths and there is much followup care, but when there is success it is usually the result of the extreme effort put into planning the operation. The Iranian twins' case was a tricky one because of shared blood vessels in their brains. It's a sad outcome.

    There was a happier outcome with the Guatemalan twins (now almost 2 years old) who were separated at UCLA. A lot of people here and around the world chipped in to help with the cost. Despite what they've been though, the little girls always seem to be smiling. Here's a simplified but good medical summary of the case.
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    A very sad outcome. Apparently they just couldn't get them stabilized and stop the blood loss.

    Are the Guatemalan twins still at UCLA or have they gone back home? I know they returned to LA not too long ago for additional medical treatment. One was doing better than the other.
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    The last I heard was that on June 9 one girl (Maria de Jesus Quiej Alvarez) was released from the hospital and the other girl (Maria Teresa) was still in the hospital for treatment to help a wound heal.
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    i think i remember reading that they had to cut a vein that was as big around as a finger... because of the weird location, it had to be cut. I'm no doctor but this just sounds implausible. That much bloodflow rerouted, it's a disaster in the making. I hope the doctors aren't scorned for losing them, i'm sure they must be quite dedicated...

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    Sure the doctors were waiving their fees... But think about it:

    If it had worked, the head doctor in charge would have made quite a name for himself. If not, well they tried, and the two women had agreed while acknowledging the possibility of death. Nobody can blame the doctors...

    However I do find it absurd that a part they thought was seperate was actually fused... I'm sure there are ways of finding out... Sounds like a mess up to me, unless I'm wrong and that there is no way of knowing.
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    I saw the story on Dateline last night. They seemed like perfectly good people to me. It's such a shame that good, honest, hard working people like them have to die while crooked, coniving, mean people get to live. If only the world was filled with more people like them. I mourn their passing. :(:mad:
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    I think they actually rerouted the blood in the one twin but they couldn't stop the bleeding from somewhere else, not exactly sure where.

    Here is an article about it: Dateline
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    The doctors may be foregoing their fees, but I bet the hospital won't forego ITS fees.

    Either way, this is certainly unfortunate news. As someone mentioned earlier, prayers go out to friends and family.
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    It's only been two weeks, but the same hospital in Singapore has performed another twin separation. This time, it was two 4-month old Korean girls, joined at the lower back. They are expected to recover.

    Yahoo news story (available for a limited time)
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    Thank you Doctor Q it's heartwarming to hear about the positive results in this case. I'm glad that the Singapore hospital was successful in separating the South Korean twin girls joined at the pelvic area.

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