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connect 360, airport express, router.

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by cantthinkofone, Dec 18, 2008.

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    Having trouble getting connect 360 to see my xbox 360 on my home network. Right now my home network is setup like this....Cable internet goes into a 4 port linksys router. From there a line goes out to a airport express for wireless, and another line goes out to my xbox 360.

    I have never been good at networking, and addresses. I always screw things up. How would i set things up to be able to stream movies and music to my 360?

    I found a setting on my router for static routing. but i don't know where to out the numbers. Or which way its going to go.

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    check and make sure your airport is set to bridge mode.
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    ok that worked. sweet. thanks.
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    Ii just purchased an xbox 360 and would also like to stream movies. My set up is my modem to air port express(small house) and my iMac connects wirelessly as well as my laptop and iPod. If I purchase connect360 and the xbox wireless adapter will I be able to stream movies/photos/music flawlessly? Or are there tricks involved?
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    Should work for you too - streaming movies over WiFi might just require some extra buffering, i'd still prefer ethernet.
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    My airport express is a G. I don't notice any streaming issues. Movies play with in a few seconds of me selecting it. And even if i close my laptop mid way thru the movie it still plays for another 10-20 seconds before it gives me a error.
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    I don't mind using ethernet but the wife hates wires everywhere. what do you mean extra buffering? I don't understand the term and therefor how to do it hah
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    Cool, so do you have the same set up as I described? And how much RAM does your laptop have? My laptop is an old toshiba and i just upgraded the memory by 1GB so that leaves me with a total of 1.18GB or so, thats probably not enough to stream movies right?
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    You don't have to care about it, your computer/xbox does it for you. (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_buffer)
    Streaming movies does net necesseraly require lots of ram, but if your computer is that old, it might simply not be fast enough to play movies/streams smoothly, just give it a try.
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    i'll just use my newish iMac 20" 2.66ghz? and recently upgraded to 3gb of memory computer to stream anyway, but it would be nice to have use the windows media and pc format stuff on my old laptop if it is up for the task
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    Its a macbook. Has 2GBs in it.

    Computer speed shouldn't affect how well it streams movies. Network traffic on your network, and your network device speed on your computer will affect it.

    If you have a 802.11B wifi card it may be a little slow. But if everything is 802.11G or even N i wouldn't worry.

    I plan on getting a old PM G4 and leave it in a closet and use it as my media server.
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    i think the laptops got an ar5004g wireless card, which i think does "g" idk i'm still actually waiting to get my xbox in the mail
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    I have a G network. My laptop will do N but i don't have the routers to do it.

    Unless you absolutely need it, i would return that xbox wireless adaptor. It's so over priced its ridiculous.
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    luckily enough i didnt actually purchase one yet, but if i did i would find it on ebay and not pay anymore than $65, thats why i got the xbox because on my budget i couldnt afford to buy anything but an awesome deal. hopefully i can find a good deal on a fairly long ethernet cable so i can stream movies to my bedroom.
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    look at frys, or zipzoomfly. I got a 50ft ethernet cable off frys a few years ago for $4.
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    can i use regular ethernet cable, or do i need a crossover cable?
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    if it's going into a router yes.
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    the xbox is going to be plugged directly into the iMac, which connects to the internet wirelessly. I thought i read something about the iMac and xbox being able to autoswitch or cross(i dont understand any of this). Crossover or ethernet is the question.
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    Yea i read about that too. That macs could switch between crossover and patch if needed. I would get a crossover just to be safe.
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    i gave up, i have a crossover cable, xbox was able to get a good ip address, but always failed the DNS, i dont know what to put in for the primary and secondary, so i cave up and used my pc based laptop and the crossover cable, automatic settings on both pieces and bridged the connection. i would really like to use the iMac. if anyone can help me find out what #s to put in the manual settings for the iMac in detail, please post.
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    good news! i restarted the iMac, after some updates were installed(not sure if it was connect360 related or not) and when the computer was restarted, the computer asked if it was ok to run connect360 helper, i said yes, and then when i went to my xbox 360(which is still connected to my windows xp laptop via a crossover cable), it saw my iMac and my itunes movies. very excited, hopefully this will help anyone with a similar set up to mine that is having trouble.

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