Connect ibook G4 to pc screen (VGA)

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by rjcalifornia, Apr 6, 2013.

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    How can I connect an iBook G4 to a pc monitor? I bought this beautiful LED screen for my desktop pc and xbox 360 but I was wondering if it was possible to connect it to my ibook?

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    You need a Mini VGA to VGA adapter, available via eBay and possibly MonoPrice.
    Then you also need something like Screen Spanning Doctor, as the iBook can only mirror the internal display to the external display, which will only get you 1024 x 768 pixel on the external display.

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    Sweet! I'm gonna check on Monday or may be today in the computer store!

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    You will have more luck on Amazon or eBay as CptSky linked to as in a physical store. Those iBooks have been out of productions since 2006, you will hardly find any old adapters like the Mini VGA to VGA one in a computer store, unless it is a really, really good sorted store still selling old stuff.
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    It is a really, really good sorted store still selling old stuffs... Even PC-133 Mhz RAM memories...
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    Then good luck, though maybe a telephone call to the store to confirm might do the trick too, as the RAM is used more than such adapter. I am just concerned, as I had the same iBook (or a G4 at least) and in 2005 or 2006 had problems finding such adapter in a 200,000 people city.
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    Just called, they have one, although I think they have for other reasons, they asked me if I wanted to connect my pc to a projector lol

    I live in a 218,410 people city ;)
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    WTHF? Congrats, hopefully it is a working one. And it is probably the 18,410 more people, though the town I was in was a purely white one, with all its cocaine and, ahem, snow.

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