Connecting ADC Crt to a Pc and Mac?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Dont Hurt Me, Mar 3, 2005.

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    Dont Hurt Me

    Just saw those new Doom3 framerates and im thinking now about holding onto this Awesome gaming powerhouse known as Aurora! :rolleyes: Here is my question for you extreme tech guys & gals. Is there anyway to connect my Aurora and Quicksilver to a ADC 17"crt? If not i might have to get another display. Also can you connect a Mac and PC to one modern monitor without having to undo the cable all the time.? Thanks.

    If not anyone want to buy a Apple 17"crt with a few scratchs on top?
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    Rod Rod

    All of the VGA to ADC (expensive) and DVI to ADC adapters (not cheap) ever made translate to the digital version of ADC, and not the analog type that the ADC CRT uses. There are ADC switches (super costly) out there but I think it's a safe bet that they work with digital ADC and not analog.

    If you can figure out the pins on the ADC connector I guess you can create a VGA to ADC CRT adapter, feeding the power and USB to it also. Otherwise you're outta luck.

    You may as well get a nicer, newer (but still used) 21" CRT such as the IBM P260 or P275. They have dual inputs (DVI-A and VGA) with a built-in switch. The screen is a more advanced version of what you have in your 17" ADC CRT.

    Here's an example of what you might want to consider. You could sell your ADC CRT for at least the same price.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    Thanks Rod Rod, Man thats a cheap display but I think i want to Go LCD and get away from those powerhungry eye burning CRTs. appreciate it.
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    Rod Rod

    You're welcome DHM. I guess you want a multiple-input LCD. You may as well forget about the idea of a KVM switch if it's the same difference money wise to have the video switching built into the monitor, and you either have a USB switch (for keyboard and mouse) or prefer to use different keyboards and mice for each computer.. anyway I'm curious to know what you end up getting, so please post back when you decide. Thanks.

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