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Connecting Apple TV to new Yamaha Amp

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by puyia, Jan 9, 2011.

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    I am trying to connect my new Black Apple TV to my new Yamaha Amp. The problem I have is that my TV is connected to the amp thru a compostie cable.

    I am able to connect my ATV Audio but I want to get the visual. I need to convert HDMI to composite to do this, my amp guy tells me.

    How do I do this.

    Or do I buy another ATV to connect direct to my TV. But if I do this can I run them at the same time so I get the audio form one and the visual from the other?

    Please help I am a but tech ileterate so need all the help I can get.
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    I think you need to connect the ATV to the TV via HDMI. Then use an optical cable from the TV to the amp. The amp can be connected via RCA cable to the TV if your Tv only has one HDMI port. I don't think you can route the ATV thru the amp.
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    Which Yamaha amp are you using?
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    A new Yamaha Amp should have HDMI out - use HMDI as your 1 cable from the amp to the TV, not component (assuming your didn't mean to type composite!). The Amp should convert all video inputs to HDMI for output; it doesn't convert in the other direction (ie. HDMI to component/S-video/composite).
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    The cheaper Yamaha amps don't convert to HDMI.
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    I don't route my ATV's video through my amp...just HDMI to my HDTV and the optical audio out to the amp.

    But surely if it's a newer amp, it should have HDMI input and output so you'd be able to hook it up that way, BUT you would need to run an HDMI cable from your amp to your TV as well as your composite cables AND you'd need to choose HDMI input on your TV whenever you use AppleTV.
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    For Audio get an optical cable from the ATV to the AMP and Video direct to the TV with an HDMI cable.
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    If the amp has the correct sockets it's probably better to connect ATV to Amp and Amp to TV by HDMI.
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    Thanks for you help but for some stupid reason my techies didn't run HDMI from the amp to the TV. I am thinking I need to run 2 ATVs one at the amp the other at the TV but how do I make them think they are the same thing to run the same stuff at the same time
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    You can't make them think they are the same (ASFAIK). You should be using HDMI for the best picture quality anyway. While we are discussing it though, are you connecting your tv to your AVR with composite or component, as the two are not the same. Composite is a single yellow phono (RCA) cable. Component is 3 phono (RCA) connections, a blue, red, and green. There are HDMI to component converters available (just google it). However, they cost more than your ATV2 in most cases.

    You really should have an HDMI cable run from your AVR to your TV. Is there something about their placement that makes this impossible? I'm no huge HDMI fan, but it is the standard at this time, so you are going to frequently be in a difficult spot if you don't have one run to your tv....

    good luck....
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    Assuming your amp cannot go HDMI to the TV, which you havent answered in any responses, atv to TV via hdmi, atv optical out to amp, and youll have what your chasing.

    I have a newish Yamaha amp, with 6x HDMI inputs and one hdmi output to the TV. Best thing I did as having 5 devices going to 3 HDMI point on a wall mounted TV was an absolute pain. Means an extra remote for the amp, but using the L5 (?) Universal remote on the iPhone I hope to do away with that soon.....'sigh'...so much to do, so little time.
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    Just an FYI, I have the Yamaha HTR-6230! It has HDMI passthrough. So the pict and sound go through. Unfortunately it doesn't grab the sound. So I can either use a TOSlink cable for the audio an get full 5.1 surround, or connect my TV and get 2 channel sound. Either way it's a bummer Yamaha and all the other AV receiver manufactures don't allow it to grab the audio.

    But they have to cut down somehow for lower prices.
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    My TV is over 10 meters of cable away from the amp therefore I am being told that HDMI doesn't work that far
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    another naive question.

    I am assuming the HDMI to component cables on EBAY will do nothing for me?
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    Correct - that will not work.

    Connect your ATV to your Yamaha AVR using HDMI and an optical Toslink (required due to your crappy AVR). Connect your AVR to your TV using HDMI. Buy a long enough cable from the Monoprice website (a premium 24 AWG cable).
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    I've seen plenty of 50ft (15.24m) HDMI runs before with no problems.
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    You need some new tech guys. They are taking advantage of your lack of knowledge.

    I haven't used composite cables in a decade.
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    I know that now but it is too late to get them to run another cable
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    Ok sorry I was tying late at night I DID mean Component
  21. georgee2face, Jan 10, 2011
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    i HAVE 42 FEET OF hdmi CABLE RUN. nO PROBLEMS. You need to run the HDMI in to your receiver and HDMI out to your TV
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    I am not sure if it is worth te money for the electricians or if it is even possible to do
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    Your tech people lied to you or don't know what they're talking about at all. HDMI runs 50 feet easily. I've seen even 75 foot runs work. Ten meters is only 33 feet. The other problem is running composite or component over that long of a distance will likely give you significant quality loss because distance affects analog cables. With HDMI, it would be the same quality as if your run was only 3 feet.

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