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Connecting iMac 24" to TV?

Discussion in 'Mac Peripherals' started by andysc, Mar 21, 2007.

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    Hey guys,

    Is there a way to connect the iMac 24" to a LCD TV?

    My TV has a DVI port and I know that there is a mini-DVI to DVI connector you can purchase from the Apple store, but that would only transfer the video and NOT the audio. Am I correct?

    I basically want to watch movies/shows from my iMac on my TV. Thanks.
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    You would also have to connect a cable for audio, from your line out on the imac to line in on your tv
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    Yeah DVI can only handle video. You need separate audio.
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    Thanks for the replies guys. That's what I thought that I needed another line for audio.

    Is there an adapter that is mini-dvi to dvi as well as some audio connection? I know apple sells the mini-dvi to composite adapter, but I want to get a better signal instead of using composite.

    Also afraid that using the mini-dvi to dvi and a separate audio out cable from the imac will lead to video/audio sync issues on the tv.
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    Using that apple connecter audio still needs a separate line. http://www.synaptech.com/catalog/images/922-6229.gif Think of the video and audio as two separate connections. Use DVI for the TV, then a line out for the audio.
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    What Brand and Model Number Please?

    WAIT! Not mini-dvi to DVI. You want mini-dvi to VGA - looks exactly like DVI and saves your HDMI port for other peripherals. I have this hook-up on my Samsung 40" from my Quad G5.

    "Apple Mini-DVI to VGA Adapter

    The Mini-DVI to VGA adapter is designed for the iMac (Intel Core Duo), MacBook, and 12-inch PowerBook G4, allowing you to connect to an external VGA monitor or projector or Digital TV (my addition).

    Price: $19.00"

    It's the first item for sale when you click on "Displays" in the left column of the Apple Online Store.

    What Brand and model number do you have so I can download the operating manual to help you all the way.
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    Why would you take a HD tv then put something non digital into it? VGA won't look as good as DVI. but if you can live with that then that would work too.
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    VGA In A Digital TV Looks Identical To DVI In

    It looks IDENTICAL. Have you compared the look. There is ZERO difference. Plus the TV is built for VGA input from computers. Synch doesn't always work as well with the HDMI input. Why? 'Cause HDMI ports are valuable and need to be saved for DVD Upscaler, cable-satellite digital boxes, etc etc.
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    I'm afraid I'd have to disagree. VGA even on 720P makes me want to vomit. I use a home theater PC with my TV and while I was waiting on the DVI -> HDMI cord shipment (this was about a year ago) I hooked it up via VGA. The difference was mindboggeling. This may be different if you have a 1080i/720p LCDTV, because the accuracy at that resolution is negligible. However, my TV (sony 1080p lcd) is full 1080p, and VGA looks hideous. If you're worried about your available number of ports, just buy a manual HDMI switcher that takes 3 or more inputs and outputs one HDMI cord, and switch when needed. If your TV has a dedicated DVI port, chances are its meant only for PC because very few commercial devices output DVI, much more commonly HDMI (while they are technically identical in output, HDMI carries audio while DVI does not, making it impractical for anything that produces sound).
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    One other question...there's no "line out" from the iMac....or is it the same thing as the "headphone" jack?

    By the way, I don't have a LCD HDTV yet; waiting for more user reviews on the new '07 Samsung models that just got released, but I'm really waiting for the new '07 Sony 40S3000 model. The only thing I absolutely hate on all the Samsung LCD models are the hidden bottom speakers, which make the audio sound tinny and muffled. Why would speakers be aimed downward in the first place?
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    Yes, you'd use the headphone jack. That brings me to another thing I'm snobbish about. I would never use integrated sound, especially in an LCDTV. Its supposed to be crap, the TV has basically zero depth for real speakers to be in. Even a $50 2.1 set of speakers will sound worlds better.
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    What Sony Model Number Displays Upconverted 1080P ATSC Television?

    Would you please identify your Sony 1080p model number? I need to get one of those but when I investigated Sony TVs last fall I couldn't find any 1080p sets. My Samsung 40" LN-S4095 VGA in looks great. I don't see how a DVI signal converted to VGA is going to look worse than just DVI to HDMI In. Why would the DVI direct look any better? It's still 1080P either way which my Samsung CAN display. Can you explain the negative characteristics you mention but don't explain above?
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    Both iMac & Samsung TVs Have Bottom Firing Speakers That Should NEVER Be Used

    Totally. I picked up a Creative Inspire T3030 2.1 system at Fry's for $40 after $10 rebate for my 40" Samsung LN-S4095 Desktop HDTV (hooked directly to my Quad G5 as its 4th monitor)and hooked them up to the headphone jack for excellent performance including a wired volume remote for both the woffer on the floor as well as the overall volume. Has small two way speakers that I flank the HDTV with. Internal speakers are junk. I use a Creative Inspire T3000 2.1 system on my Quad G5. Sounds great.
    So they can make the frame small. While that's why you hate about Samsung models, that's what I love about them because I knew I would never be using them. I find your comment ironic because your 24" iMac's speakers are on the bottom as well. Are you telling us you don't have a 2.1 sound system hooked to your iMac either? Wow! That's really ironic. :eek: :confused: ;)

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    Forgot about the iMac speakers too being on the bottom; dislike them too as I can't really distinguish the audio, so I got Sennheiser HD 595 headphones hooked up to my iMac. :D

    Another idiot question, but I'm not heavily interested in getting one of the new Samsung LCD HDTV models but want to get external speakers also (not a complete home theatre system, just two speakers and a subwoofer). Is it possible to hook up a 2.1 system (like the Creative T3000 or T3030 as Multimedia above posted) DIRECTLY to a LCD HDTV, even though it's designed for a computer system?
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    KDL-40XBR2 is the TV model. Its pretty recent, I don't know the exact release date but it may have been after the fall line intros.

    DVI and HDMI are the same (digital) signal, so there is no conversion. I use the two terms interchangeably because I transmit sound to a separate receiver, making DVI and HDMI identical for my purposes. I've been described as a videophile and Ive got a bit of an eye for these sort of things, but everyone in my house commented on the difference when I switched from VGA to DVI.

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