Connecting old powerbook g4 15inch to my flatscreen

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by WarnerBrown, Jul 6, 2010.

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    apologies for double-posting. I didn't expect such a quick answer.The link was helpful. My flatscreen is newer "dynex" model. it doesn't have a DVI input, just hdmi ones.
    I think the last input on this (to the right) is a DVI input correct? thats like my powerbook

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    Thanks again, think i found what i need
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    If it has no DVI input, then it is a TV, and the guide I linked to will help you connecting it properly to your PowerBook, which has a DVI output (not input).

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    damn. nevermind, that's the wrong one, canceling order. getting the ebay one.
    thanks again for the help
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    f**k I'm getting frustrated.
    the left side of the DVI male has 4 thingers which would fit in the DVI on my powerbook, but that metal thing inbetween would block it from fitting.
    this is an older g4, aluminum i got in 2005. i'm scouring amazon without much luck..
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    I would get this one

    but where are the other 4 pins on the left that would connect to the D-DVI? are they necessary?
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    the other one ships from australia.don't have enough time.
    would this one work?

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    the guide in that link doesn't cover my old powerbook.

    My d-dvi output is 24+5 pin. does anyone know if a 24+1 pin DVI cable would work??

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