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connecting the performa 6116cd to a vga monitor PART 2

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by starfleet4, Dec 16, 2002.

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    well people, i recieved the adapter today. i connected it to a belkin mac vga adapter f3h1381 and then to a dell 17 monitor and i got nothing. both adapters have a dial adjust and the belkin also has an 1-8 dipswitch panel. i don't have a clue as to what switches go where or what dial settings to dial in.
    any help at all out there?
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    Hmmm...I have a similar adapter here at work with a small table of settings:
    Screen size: Fixed resolution: Switch settings:
    12" to 13" 640x480 1258
    14" to 15" 832x624 2458
    16" to 17" 1024x768 2358
    18" to 21" 1152x870 123458

    Screen size: Multiple res. Switch settings:
    14" to 15" 832x624 125678
    16" to 17" 1024x768 12578
    18" to 21" 1152x870 12568
    " 1280x1024 12568
    " 1600x1200 12568

    Hope you find a setting that works.
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    well itried those settings combined with the rotary dial settings on the first adapter with no luck. i hear the hard drive running and after i press the power button i hear the "ding" from the onboard speaker. the caps lock light on the keyboard lights on and off when i press the caps button so i know the machine is working. i just have no video and it sucks. thanks rov.
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    The issue is going to be changing the video output settings to match the monitor/adapter...something that's impossible to do w/out a video signal you can actually see.

    The only solution I can see is finding someone w/ a Mac monitor from that era with a video cable that doesn't require an adapter that will let you borrow it, or at least hook it up to change your settings to match the new monitor/adapter. Good luck!
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    thanks orv. i'll keep tryong or i'll get me an imac g3
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    getting a g3 might be my only recourse as i dont know anyone with a mac. maybe it;'s for the best to let old dinosaurs die.

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