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Connecting Xbox 360 to imac for shared internet

Discussion in 'Games' started by Sutekidane, May 17, 2006.

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    I just got an xbox 360, and I tried using the supplied ethernet cable to connect to my imac, which received its internet connection via airport. I turned on internet sharing over ethernet, and my imac has a connection to the net, but my xbox 360 cannot get a connection. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this?
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    because I'm having the same issue and I can't seem to resolve it.
    I have my 360 in my office (so I can use my 2405 for HD) but my router is in my living room and I can't get a cable between them, and £70 for a wireless adapter, when I have about 12 USB wireless adapters around is insane.

    anyone have any info on this?

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    "It's been posted previously here *link*"
    would that have been so difficult?

    I went into Games and searched for 360 and scrolled about 20 posts, I found 2 of them like this and neither were answered, I simply didn't go far enough back.

    thanks so much for the link.
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    It would have been less dificult to not post the link at all :p sheeeesh! ;)
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    Thanks for the link, solved my problem for the most part.
    Also, I know what the search function is for, as I've been a member here longer than you have.
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    Sorry if my questions are lame but I know very little about networking.

    Do you have to set up the PPPoE settings on Xbox360? I've tried it both ways, with and without and still can't get connected throught my AirPort. I can connect fine with the ethernet port using the PPPoE and IP settings to Automatic.

    Also, how do you look up AirPort settings page to get the DNS numbers?
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    I didn't touch the ppoe settings with mine. and to get the dns numbers, you just use the ip address of your airport base station I believe. It's all in that link posted above, near the end of the thread. Make sure you follow the instructions exactly.
  9. MRU


    You'vd no excuse then ;) :p

    And whose instructions are those :p

    Seriously only reason I told you to search is you wouldnt believe how many PM's I've had since posting those on how to solve peoples connections. Over a hundred any way... Unfortunetly there are variable like differnet routers and modems that require a bit of tweaking of the instructions, but I cant account for all of them...... :) :) :)

    Oh yeah, dont touch the ppoe settings, no need at all.

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