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Considering the new 16gb nano

Discussion in 'iPod' started by bostic220, Jan 11, 2009.

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    Right now I have a 1g 80gb iPod video. Its in pretty good condition so I was wondering, about how much could I get for it? Apple products usually have great resale value since they are high quality, plus I would be downgrading (80gb was a waste since I dont use nearly that much).

    Also, for those of you that do have the new nano, how do you like it?
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    Nano Chromatic?

    are you talking about the nano chromatic?

    i would recommend the touch
    little bit more money
    more options

    from what ive heard though the nano is quite good but my friends wish they'd bought the touch

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    Yeah its the chromatic, but I would prefer the nano, because of looks and I also need to save up for Valentines Day for my gf lol
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    Tallest Skil

    That has absolutely nothing to do with anything involving the iPod nano itself. It's a marketing slogan. You don't say, "We're going to I'm lovin' it," you say, "We're going to McDonald's." The iPod nano 4G is the current model.

    OP, are you sure you don't want the space of an 80GB? What about videos?
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    I have some videos, but right now I am using about 13gb of space.
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    Tallest Skil

    That's your cue to get more. ;) Rip some DVDs! I'm just not seeing the advantage of going to smaller storage capacity... ever.
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    I know, but the thing is, my dad got the 80gb about a year or so ago thinking I needed the space. If I had known he was getting me a new iPod, I would have asked for something smaller in the first place.
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    Does anyone know how much I could get for the 80gb iPod?

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