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Constrained Supplies Suggest Mac Mini Server and Mac Pro Server Headed for Refresh

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 9, 2011.

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    According to 9 to 5 Mac, trusted source Mr. X has indicated that supplies of the server models of Apple's Mac mini and Mac Pro lines are officially listed as constrained, suggesting that Apple may be drawing down supplies ahead of a refresh.
    Apple introduced the Mac mini server option, which substitutes a second hard drive for the usual optical drive, in late 2009. The Mac Pro server configuration debuted last November as the company announced the pending discontinuation of its Xserve rackmountable server. A report earlier this year indicated that Apple was developing a smaller, narrower Mac Pro that could be rackmounted, although much larger than the previous Xserve.

    It seems reasonable to assume that the all models of the Mac mini and Mac Pro could see updates alongside refreshes of the server models, as the machines share the vast majority of their specs.

    Article Link: Constrained Supplies Suggest Mac Mini Server and Mac Pro Server Headed for Refresh
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    Interested to see if there will be a rackable version of the MacPro now.
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    Quad Core i5 for the Mac mini please Apple.
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    I'm interested in an airport extreme. I held off from buying one these past couple weeks.
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    A refresh of not just the server models, I would hope. We can probably expect the Mini to stay a bit behind the iMac in everything, including processor speed, I'd think. Otherwise it would approach "headless iMac" specs, which seems like something Apple would avoid. I'd expect a Thunderbolt port, though....

    As for the Pro, what Intel chips would be used?
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    Me too...if rumors are correct we could see some nice iCloud integration from the AE/TC running iOS.
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    Exactly. It seems unlikely that only the server models would be updated. First because they are virtually identical to the non-server versions, and second because Apple will roll out Thunderbolt etc across the Mac line as soon as is practical.
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    It'd be weird but interesting if an AirPort Extreme gained a Thunderbolt port... if only there were thunderbolt peripherals out there....
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    Many of the regulars in the Mac Pro forum here have pointed out that a Sandy Bridge equivalent processor won't be available until Q4 2011.

    However, with Lion, Thunderbolt and Final Cut Pro right around the corner it would make sense in my opinion for a incremental refresh.
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    9to5 mac has made a lot of news lately.
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    Thrilled when see the word "Pro" at all any more from Apple.
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    I guess this means we'll only be getting a 6970 2GB in the Mac Pro, too bad, I was hoping it'd be a 7970 :p
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    Oh God, yet another 'constrained' rumour :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

    It'll be proved as false just like the other 3 we've had in the last 2 weeks.......
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    so mac mini, mac pro, and macbook air, refresh are expected very very soon?
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    More in line with i3 than i5. I can't see Apple putting an iMac inside there, but then I could be wrong and I hope i am because that would be one rocking server.:D
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    Why would it indicate a refresh at all?

    With Apple stating that the only thing about the server software is that it is an incremental load on top of Lion, and it only costs 50 dollars instead of 500 dollars, then you need to update the line for pricing, even if hardware doesn't change at all.

    Mini server should be 1 to 2 hundred more than regular mini at the most. Slight bit of money for faster processor, same small bit for 4 instead of 2 gigs of memory, 30 bucks for 500 gig hard drive instead of super-drive DVD drive (if not actually cheaper),and fifty bucks for server software.

    Regular pricing has mini server as 300 dollar option with the improvements. I predict that they will narrow the gap to 150 dollars instead and make mini server for $750 with basically the same specs.

    Of course I'd like to see a faster and quad processor, better graphics, more memory, and bigger hard drives, and ThunderBolt also, but I think that's all coming later in the fall.

    Pretty much same story for Pro. I'd probably upgrade my hex for a faster processor and better graphics card, even though I'm not constrained by anything from a performance standpoint at the moment.

    But I predict that the Pro is only a pricing change without moving hardware specs at this time. Maybe 3 or 6 months.
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    Hardware 'Servers' Being Discontinued

    Anyone who has read Apple's own press materials on OSX Lion Server will notice that they are heavy on the "any mac can be a server" language. I think the server models are being discontinued as Apple tries to position the 'server' as less of a hardware implementation and more of a software implementation. This is why only the server versions of the more-or-less same hardware is constrained.
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    I think we said the same thing, but you used a lot fewer words. Well done.
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    Since I can afford a Mac pro, am really hope for a quad core mini, or at least a 2 core/4 thread of at least 2.8 ghz. Otherwise, time to leave apple. Don't really need a pro but a single chip FULL size desktop (not a iMac) i7 would be awesome. Would save the pennies for this setup.
    Have a sneaky suspicion apple may get new chips early again.
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    17" MacBook Pro was sold out here earlier I think it's getting a refresh in the next few weeks too.
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    We'll need to see constrained supplies of the non-server models before we can expect an imminent refresh of the Mini and the Pro.

    17" MBP has been plagued with troubles with SATA III SSDs (though the MBP wasn't advertised as supporting SATA III). I don't know if this would mean they need to do a spec bump to it or not.

    Constraining of supply doesn't necessarily indicate a refresh.
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    I'm up for new mac mini

    If Apple put low end 15 Quad and decent graphics chip - I'd be out to get server model and link to a large RAID 1 system.

    Come on Apple if you want my cash.
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    Been waiting for the new mini for a while now, they need to get things rolling.
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    I think he was being sarcastic, haha... But I for one hope all these computers DO get a refresh. Especially the MacBook Air.
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    Start the back to school sale!!

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