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Construction on New Trade Center Tower to Begin on July 4

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by King Cobra, May 5, 2004.

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    I'm gonna do a copy and paste of the article before it gets sent into the "ha ha we ain't free pay up your $1.80 because you didn't check out the article the first week it came out ya slow sucka" pay-to-view section:

    (BTW: No images of the new design were included with the article.)

    May 5, 2004

    Construction on New Trade Center Tower to Begin on July 4


    Construction of Freedom Tower, the office high rise at the site of the World Trade Center that its developers say will be the world's tallest building, will break ground on July 4, Gov. George E. Pataki said today.

    The governor's announcement, at a speech in lower Manhattan, was a broad signal that efforts to rebuild at the World Trade Center would not be slowed down by a major court loss suffered on Monday by the developer of the site.

    "On July 4th, as we celebrate the birth of our democracy, we will also celebrate the rebirth of our city," the governor said. "We will begin to reclaim our skyline with a permanent symbol of our freedom.

    "On July 4th, 2004, we will break ground on the Freedom Tower," he said.

    In his speech to the Association for a Better New York today, Mr. Pataki outlined the timetable for several other projects that are part of the efforts to revitalize the lower Manhattan business district that suffered heavily from the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. For example, he said that environmental studies will begin this summer for a new tunnel under the East River to be used a direct rail link connecting lower Manhattan with John F. Kennedy International Airport.

    The governor said the new rail line would cut 15 minutes per trip for 100,000 daily Long Island Rail Road riders. It would begin operations in 2013, he said.

    He said the new tunnel was preferred over using an existing East River crossing that carries the M and R subway lines.

    "It would offer the most comfortable and reliable ride," he said. "It would provide airport passengers with the long-desired one-seat ride to JFK in just 36 minutes."

    His announcement about Freedom Tower affirmed that the project will go ahead, even after a federal jury ruled on Monday that the largest insurer of the World Trade Center was limited to a single payout of $877 million, not the double payment sought by the developer, Larry A. Silverstein, in his long-running legal battle.

    Mr. Silverstein has waged a 29-month campaign to collect a total of $7.1 billion from about two dozen insurance companies, but court rulings have so far limited him to a maximum of $4.68 billion — and that's if he wins all of his remaining legal challenges.

    These setbacks have raised questionsabout Mr. Silverstein's ability to complete four more office buildings around the site, even though financing is assured for Freedom Tower, and for 7 World Trade Center, which is currently under construction.

    Building No. 7, the last tower lost after the 9/11 attack, is the first to be rebuilt and is currently rising from the devastated site. It is now 314 feet tall, and when completed it will reach 52 stories and 750 feet.

    Mr. Pataki toured the building after his speech today.

    The governor also said that a Con Edison power substation across from 7 World Trade Center is almost repaired. With the substation down since 9-11, half of downtown Manhattan's power supply had to be supplied from other areas, the governor said.

    "I'm pleased to report that, by the end of this month, we will gather at 7 World Trade Center and will throw the switch that brings the substation back on line," he said.
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    is there still going to be a memorial?
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    Should prove interesting. The only part i really don't like so much is the name-- Freedom Tower? i suppose it'll grow on me, but it seems a bit cartoonish now. Not to mention the irony, no matter which side of the war argument you're on, you have to admit we've gotten less free because of 9/11, not more. "freedom tower" seems kind of like a cruel epitaph, in a way. Plus it instantly brings to mind memories of us going anti-france, renaming things "freedom" left and right. i don't know that this was something most people are proud of, or will be in 20 years. Not a good choice at all.

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    I think that "Freedom Tower" is a good name. On 9/11 the terrorists sought to take away our freedom, the way it is done in Islamic countries such as the governments of former Afghanistan & Iraq. In the war on terrorism we are fighting for our freedom. Our country was founded on freedom and we have fought many wars for the same concept.

    I look forward to seeing a Tower rising again over Manhattan.
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    But again, we have become less free since then. It marked a turning point whereby we (whether necessary or not, i don't care right now) began shifting towards the authoritarian side of the scale, which means the people have less freedoms and liberties. Terrorists have little or no interest in the way we run our own country, they're trying to get us to stop spreading our democracy, let each country decide for itself. They've repeatedly said as much. Terrorists aren't fighting against our freedom, they're fighting against what they see as a perverted set of morals being forced on them (and i do disagree with this view of us, to show i'm being nonpartesan here). To say that "in the war on terrorism we are fighting for freedom" is kind of naive, i think... and it ignores geopolitics entirely. but the interpretation of the cause of terrorism is not my point.

    So what's the message behind "freedom tower"? Is it a way of acknowledging our loss of freedoms since 9/11? Is it a celebration of our freedoms *before* 9/11 happened? Is it a "thank you" for all of the freedoms we *didn't* lose, and still have today? Or is it a poor choice of names that someone picked because "freedom" is one of a handful of ultra-patriotic words that are interchangeable, but they neglected to see the implication here?

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    I'm glad they will be starting soon, I personally would like to visit the new tower when its done, if the design is as cool as I have seen it on the Discovery channel it should be one amazing building.
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    My proposition: It means what you see "Freedom Tower" to mean.

    Now last time I checked, the design of the new superstructure is going to have a 30 to 45 degree (more or less) sloped roof to it, so that one end of the top of the superstructure rises to an edge, and the other descends at an angle to a small part of the way down the tower to the opposite edge. So has anyone heard otherwise??
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    I don't think the name is representing what 9/11 brought upon this country. I think it represents the way the people acted. We have men at war fighting for our freedom, and these towers represent that.

    People say that the war is worthless, but I have noticed something. All the terrorists are flocking to Iraq, and our soldiers are fighting them in Iraq. I believe that is much better than the terrorist running into our cities with bombs and killing civilians.
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    It is a shame that Daniel Libeskind's design has had to be compromised in order to appeal to the fat cats, too. Freedom of his idea? Hardly
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    freedom isnt always absolute, sacrifices, compromises have to be made. so maybe the fact that at the moment america has become less 'free' it may lead to more freedom across the globe. but there is a chance that the opposite may happen. only time may tell

    but i am very pleased to see that they are rebuilding the site, it is a great thing that shows the resilience of the people as well as a memorial to those who died and those who are fighting and dying to protect the values of their country.
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    Or it just shows that some people are getting sick of seeing 'prime real estate' go to 'waste' as a memorial.
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    how so? i have no idea of what you are talking about.
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    Agreed, his initial design was very powerful. However, design is all about compormise, it's just too bad the compromise was with SOM, they are very different from Liebskind.
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    Really? All of them? What about those who just got caught in Jordan? Or the ones in Saudi Arabia that gunned down the oil workers? Or the ones in Spain? Don't kid yourself, even our troop commanders are saying most of the resistance they are seeing in Iraq are not foreigners they are locals who don't like us (and I can't imagine why).
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    This reminds me of what David Cross said about the war on terrorism "At no point in time are we gonna go "Whoo! Got em all!, Everybody loves us again" :p

    Anyway, I'm glad SOM actually had the guts to go with Libeskind (there were some awful designs in the shortlist). I just feel it is a shame that an architect of his level had to compromise(and it sounds like a big compromise - to the point where the design is basically out of the architect's hands)
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    lets talk about the tower folks....lets not let this thread get put into a political forum or get waste landed.

    i think that there were several great designs for the new wtc, but as it always is, those who are paying for it get the last word
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    Ok, sorry.
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    I don't think it is big enough and I always found spires to be a cheesy way to boost the height of the building. Yes they do look cool in some instances (chrysler building) but this sort of ephemeral ghost spire is an artistic affectation more than anything.

    I kinda liked the spoof pick that looked like manhattan was flipping the world the bird
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    Well, if it's anything like Libeskind's previous buildings it will be superb. Just the press release pics look amazing -0 completely transforming the Skyline :)
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Amen to that!

    Money and Special Interests rule. Maybe in some ways the name "Hero's Plaza" would have been more indicative of the history behind the site.
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    Can you please name one freedom that has been taken away from you? In what way are you less free?
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Any tower in the same site (sight) would serve me well. I live in the DC area, and have relatives in the CT. area. The WTC always sent a signal to me that I was almost home. It was also a sight that showed me what made the US great.

    I might point out that I spent a weekend at the Hilton Millennium a year to the day that that the WTC collapsed. Our room looked over the plaza. I spent two work day mornings looking down and seeing people come and go. Through out the days I say how the sun played against the the land.

    The day the WTC towers collapsed, my heart went out to all thoughts caught in it's wake. Yet i could not wonder if the people at the Krispi Kreme got out before the collapse - since every morning I went for for my warm Krispi Kreme's. Or the associates at the bookstore also go away before the collapse.

    Or the many faceless people that I watched going into the WTC towers for their work day. From what we have been told these people were told to stay in their "jobs". And in the end to their certain deaths.

    These are among the reasons that I think that "Freedom Plaza" does not fit. "Hero's Plaza" is a much better name, since everyone that died that day was a hero IMO. Some sought redemption in helping their fellow man, others saw no way out, and others perished doing one of the two.
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    Why don't they just keep the name World Trade Center?
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    Chip NoVaMac

    The Patriot Act is truly an affront to the liberties that our founding fathers had seen for us.

    It allows greater freedom in looking for terrorists, and hoe they work, but in the end, a greater limitation to the personal freedoms that the USA was founded upon.
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Historically in the US we have not named places after historical events. Hence we have never had the USS Alamo, or the USS Pearl Harbor. This does not hold true for the USS Enterprise.

    Also in the politically correct society, renaming the old WTC site as the new WTC site would note make people happy.

    Maybe it is a an American ideal, that when there is massive death - not to use the same name.

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