Consumer group files lawsuit, says iPod nano 'defective,' ...

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 12, 2006.

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    I should sue Porsche since the latest 911 Turbo is not a very good off road car:mad: :D
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    Who knows what the fate of that litigation will be, but the purchasers knew what they were buying and should assume all the associated risks that are part of the deal. The problem with a decent number of Apple fans is that appearance plays a major role in what they buy, and they want items to look good for as long as possible with reasonable daily usage.

    What concerns me about Apple is that there should have been red flags waving during the pre-production phase once it became apparent how easy it was for the nano to become marred by many hairline scratches. It is hard to believe that a far more durable finish was not possible, thus minimizing or eliminating the problem altogether. Oh, how I miss the discontinued iPod mini.
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    after trawling through google images looking for nano scratches none of them are worse than my 3rd gen ipod, someone needs to show a picture of this "unreadable" screen" it's just that apple is selling like 8 million of them a quarter and even if less than one in a thousand is anally retentive thats allot of people bitching about scratches, this is made worse by the smaller screen so people are looking closer at it.
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    Some truth in the complaints

    my nano is scratched all over, but they are very light scratches and don't make it so I can't look at photos or listen to music. Why do people even need the screen to be perfect? What besided choosing a song do you really need to do?
    On the other hand, apple should really fix this in the next generation of iPods. My toaster doesn't scratch, and sure I don't carry it around but Apple should be able to make a device that is more resistant. People gladly pay $50 extra for a case, and I would pay that or more for a scratch-proof iPod.
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    There have been so many products introduced dealing with sleeves and protective cases, but I agree that it would be best to just charge more for a product that puts this issue to rest. The ability to do so exists and I hope to see improvements when I am ready to buy one.
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    Your royalty cheque is in the mail...:D
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    What the hell do you know. I rubbed the Nano on my nice soft t-shirt to get a fingerprint off the screen and afterward there were a dozen tiny scratches on it. Do you hear of this problem with other MP3 players? No. Why? Because they're not defective. I knew exactly what I was buying. A gorgeous MP3 player that I didn't expect the screen to become scratched.

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    Good afternoon to you, too. While I feel the problem with the nano is easily recognizable just by holding it in the store for 5 minutes or so, I happen to agree that the issue of them scratching is a poor reflection on Apple's part. I am not the enemy here ... which is why I have avoided buying a nano (at least this incarnation of it).
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    Well I have a 1GB model arriving tomorrow, I will put it in a silicone case like I do all my other pods and report. :D
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    Very sensible approach. The delicate nature of the item requires a lot of care and pampering if people want them to remain in pristine condition. Anything short of that will leave certain owners deeply disappointed.
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    never having a nano I cannt comment on what I think of it. The only grounds I can think of this coming up is none of apples other iPods ever have this issue of scratching and from just sitting around here I seen quite a few of threads about it come up so I do think there is some type of issue on it. I seen a few nano personally and I have to agree that they do lok very easy to scratch.

    As for protecting them from scratching fearly cheaply is using aluminum oxide which is pretty common scratch restanced coating and is offen used on glasses
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    That's insane. People just want attention. I'm sure that if they asked Apple to replace it they would do it.
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    A friend of mine had the same problem. But Apple replaced it with a non-defective product for FREE! Before maning, how about you try to do something about it. Apple's current replacement policy is, in practice, very lenient. This, I think, is quite honorable of them given the circumstances.
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    If Apple was lying when they said the nano has the same surface as every other iPod, why has that lie gotten no attention?

    Or is it in fact the truth?

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