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Consumer Reports: Apple still on top in every category for r...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 10, 2004.

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    I'm a subscriber to "Consumer Reports." I read the article and was very pleased to see the magazine article rate Apple highly again. Thank you arn for pointing this out to the rest of our fellow forum members. :)
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    I wish they would have asked my opinion before they gave apple such high marks
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    I read Consumer Reports too. I've always detected an anti-Mac bias, which comes in two forms:

    1. They looks at specs and prices without fully considering "value". The Mac's ease of use doesn't earn any points in their rating system.

    2. They treat differences between PCs and Macs as problems. For example, a few years back, they classified "lack of floppy drive" as a Mac problem, without even mentioning that dropping that failure-prone device of infinitesmal capatity was a forward-thinking move.

    The computer user survey shows the raw results, not subject to their rating system. I'm one of those 48,000 people surveyed.
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    They asked a cross-section of everyone, macker--including the dissatisfied minority. We now know that that minority is much smaller with Apple than any other company:) Nobody matches Apple's record. Which doesn't mean that ANY of them are truly "good enough" or that you shouldn't upset when you have a problem. I would be too!

    Re anti-Mac bias, a lot of that may come unintentionally and carelessly from CR's staff being Windows folks and simply less educated about Macs. The bias has been less recently, since CR has taken the cop-out of treating Macs and Windows PCs as separate products, rated separately and not compared to each other. Leaving you on your own without basis to make the initial choice of Mac or Windows.

    That's a BIG cop out for an organization that supposedly evaluated products impartially instead of just rubber-stamping whatever sells the most.

    These articles are meant to help someone choose a computer--and they are targetted at people without much computer savvy. So leaving them with NO information to help them choose an OS is a glaring omission!
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    I never get called to ask these questionaries... even though we get the mag from Consumers.

    I feel that their products are rated slightly lower for no reason at all.

    Like they wanted expanabality for an eMac... bah.
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    Wasn't this from their annual survey that comes in the mail? Doesn't it go to every subscriber once a year? It comes with raffle tickets too. For some reason I can't explain, I never win the grand prize!

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