Consumer Reports survey dubiously finds 20-percent of Mac us...

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Aug 9, 2005.

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    Where are they getting that and what does it actually mean?

    We detected Windows servers with viruses scanning our computers, looking for a way to infect our machines but they were unsuccessful?
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    old news, nothing to see.
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    I have two words for this:

    B. S.
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    You can say that again. i've noticed that every single time people have a problem with their computers that they can't explain, they call it a virus. People are do damn ignorant!! :mad:
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    People are too much in a hurry to blame viruses for sudden problems with their software / computer.

    "oh, it must be a virus then".

    Windows users are worse - a good proportion refuse to accept that OSX has no viruses in the wild... "But, it must have viruses"...

    >8 percent of Mac users reported a spyware infection in the last six months vs. 54 percent of Windows PC users.

    What spyware? Any one know of OSX spyware? anyone....
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