"Contacting Your Reference" for an individual apple developer account?

Discussion in 'App Store Business, Legal and Marketing' started by MacMan988, Jun 25, 2013.

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    I have placed an order for an individual apple developer account (iOS) and I finally got a mail indicating an activation code today. But when I try to activate, it didn't go through and now when I try to visit "Member Center", I get the following message in a yellow background.

    Is this normal ? :confused:
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    Same here

    Did you ever get this issue resolved?
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    No this isn't normal.

    There's only 2 different ways you get the 'reference message' up:

    1) If you sign up for a Business account
    2) If you sign up for an individual account, but on behalf of somebody else

    If I were you, if it's not either of the 2 above, I'd personally contact your local Developer Centre Contact Number:


    And ask them to check into it. Personally it would be MUCH quicker if you asked them to revoke the account (if you haven't already paid for it) and reapply for it taking special precaution to click on the right checkboxes.


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    Same issue

    I know this post is a few weeks old
    I am having the exact same issue,I just wanted to know did ya'll get yours resolved.
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    Call them. Apple account support requests via email take around 3 weeks. I know this from experience.
  6. okboy, Jun 8, 2014
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    Just wanted to share that I have the same issue.
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    Did you sign up for an individual or company account (one requiring a DUNS number)? Do your names and addresses all match exactly (D&B or credit report, payment account, Apple ID, and contact info)?
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    Hi, my account got processed successfully and its already about to expire it now!

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