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Contemplating system upgrade...

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by northen, Jan 15, 2005.

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    Alrighties, I've got some money, and I think it's time to upgrade this beauty of a PowerMac G5 :)

    It's a Dual 2GHz, 2GB RAM, 250GB S-ATA drive, Radeon 9600XT and SuperDrive.

    I am probably either going to buy an additional 2*256MB RAM or a 120 GB serial ATA hard drive (Seagate Barracuda)

    Which is most needed (in your opinions)? :)
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    Depends on the storage capacity you need. Are you doing video editing, etc? I'd probably opt for RAM, since you appear to have enough HD capacity right now for most things.

    EDIT: Just looked back and saw how much RAM you already have. I'd probably get neither, and invest in software, an iPod, digital camera/movie, iChat or something else.

    Woof, Woof - Dawg
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    I don't do video, but I do music (Logic 7, Reason 2.5 and several hardware synthesizers). The add of storage is more from a performance POV - I can have the OS on one disk and the audio files on another...

    I also program, but that doesn't consume much space (most of that is on my external USB2 disk)
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    Yeah, if my budget wasn't extremely tight - we're talking less than $130 here :p I'm only 15, so money isn't exactly flowing all over the place :p
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    That is quite a set up at your age and you are obviously a music creator of some sorts. 2gb's of ram is more than enough for your needs, i mean you will be able to run a hell of a lot of programs simultaneously and not worry about running out of ram.
    Why not get a ipod Shuffle? ;) if you enjoy listening to music as much as you enjoy making it then it makes sense, unless of course you already have an ipod of some sort.
    If you obviously don't have much cash i wouldn't invest it in something you don't need and in something you will enjoy and use.
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    Yep, mostly electronic music... I play at quite a few gigs :p But my main outlet of usage is progrably programming - which has been quite successful so far (had a few things sponsored for me & I work part-time for a laptiming company, but the pay is poor :p)

    The iPod shuffle - maybe, but it ain't going to be here until like 3-4 weeks. Which is saddening :p
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    Unless there's something really bugging you about your system, I'd stick the cash in a savings account until something you really want turns up.

    You don't really need more RAM - and you'd be better off waiting til you have more cash and getting 512 sticks later. And unless you're running out of storage space, do you do enough editing to need that drive?

    Save the cash until you can put it towards a piece of software that you'd really like or an Elgato TV system.
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    Yeah... but it's just that feeling of wanting to expand :rolleyes: The Elgato TV... what's that? :eek:
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    If you don't have an ipod mate i really recommend getting a shuffle, you obviously enjoy making music and listening and it makes the most sense getting one.
    Elgato tv adapters are very expensive for the money and i am sure you can wait till mid feb to get Shuffle :p
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    If you feel the need for a little extra speed, check out the Western Digital Raptor drives. 10,000 RPM, baby!
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    From what I see it looks like the slowest thing you have is the graphics card. I would up that before the ram.
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    Well, i would surely put it somewhere and then forget where I put it:p I'm a bit like that :eek: I've already got a cellphone with a 256MB SD stick, where I can listen to my MP3's... and I can't use the iTunes shop :(
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    BUMP :(
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    good lord, own a dual 2.0 Powermac and a iBook. You must either be an exeptionally rich kid, typing in third person, or just plain spoiled. :p
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    *blush* :eek: I'm not that spoiled, but I've had a few successes with my programming (most predominantly releasing an app, that's been downloaded a few million times), so my parents were fairly generous to help me acquiring nice hardware :D Now i work part-time as a programmer :p
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    Aye, yes, they seem very nice and fast :p

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