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Contest: Macsupport wants to help you clean up your Mac

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Dec 18, 2005.

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    Crap, I'm too anal-retentive.
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    Kinda pointless. :rolleyes:
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    My PowerBook has a fingerprint on it.

    Does that count?

    I don't think anyone on the MR forums will be eligible...
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    Of course you are! I will send the iKlear package anywhere in the world.

    Good luck!

    ( And thanks for the link MacBytes)
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    No... we all obsessively clean our Macs.
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    I'm not obsessive about my Mac. Nope, not at all.

    **wipes precious PB down with radtech Screensavrz, cleans with iKlear, slips PB into radtech Powersleevz, then into Brenthaven backpack with padded sleeve, just to carry it from the bedroom down to the living room.**:eek: :eek: :D
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    Not obsessive at all..

    My keyboard is starting to attract crumbs, I haven't been cleaning it enough:( .
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    I once took all the keys off my swimming pool apple keyboard and got every last crumb, hair and dirt out of it. A week alter it was dirty again, lesson learned. Same goes for my iPod which has never seen the inside of a case. I'm just too damned cheap to spend $20 to protect my $500 toy. I rule
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    I shouldn't even bother, I totally abuse that little soft cloth that came with my cinema display.
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    ha. My powerbook lives on the desk on my boat, in my backpack with other junk, or on the workbench on my shop, sometimes with a t-shirt on top of the keybaord to keep the extra large gobs of crud out of it. I cleaned the screen and keyboard just the other day with a watery paper towel. This thing is like as durable as a Toughbook, it seems like.

    But, the damn thing doesn't "look" dirty. Is the contest open to the powerbook's surroundings, or just the Mac itself?

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