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Convert Apple Lossless to Mp3 tool?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Greenjeens, Jan 6, 2006.

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    I've been an audio snob and looks like I'm paying for it. Never was into mp3's, but sure is easier to to find a CD player that will play mp3 files than dealing with a car DVD player without a screen. Navigation without the screen isn't easy.

    Anyway, I want to convert some of my Apple Lossless Encoded files to mp3. ITunes doesn't work, Toast 7 doesn't work. Audio Hijack Pro works but only converts in real time so it's very slow. I've searched these forums without success.

    What's the correct audio tool for a ALE to mp3 conversion?
    iTunes compatibiltiy would be nice.

    Thank You,
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    Why doesn't iTunes work for this conversion process? It works for me and countless others here. :confused:

    Edit: To clarify...

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    OOPS. Missed the "convert selection to mp3" option in advanced tab. I'm always playing with the "advanced settings" in preferences, just didn't see that option because it was greyed out and I expected an on the fly conversion to mp3 when trying to burn, but only got error messages that said I had to start with mp3 files first to burn an mp3 disc..
    Embarrassed but very relieved.

    Thanks for taking the time to point out what's so obvious now.
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    Dont worry about it, alot of people miss that stuff. The important thing is you got what you needed and now know where to find it.

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