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Discussion in 'iPod' started by parrothead, Sep 4, 2009.

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    I know the title sounds funny, but there is a difference. Audio books are ones that come on CD and when I load them into iTunes, I end up with 2000 tracks that are 2 minutes each. I would love to convert them to Audiobooks, that are 2 or three tracks. I know about the feature when loading a CD that connects several tracks together, but I don't want to use this. What I want is for there to be:

    1. Few tracks, that when I take a break, will remember where I am (like audiobooks I purchase online.
    2. The resulting tracks to be in the Audiobooks part of the library, not in the music part.

    Anyone know how I can do this?

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    use itunes and another program...

    I use iTunes to join the tracks, then a program called jointogether to join them all together. to get them in to your audiobooks section, left click the song/book and click get info. under options, there is a 'type' sort of option with audiobooks as a choice. I think you can figure it out:p
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    Does this jointogether somehow add the feature where itunes remembers where I left off, if I want to listen to other music or need to restart the computer or something?
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    Select the item in iTunes, Get Info -> Options -> Remember Playback Position
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    I rip the CDs (must be AAC) then use two itunes scripts. First is Track Splicer, then Make Bookmarkable.

    You can only use Make Bookmarkable on AAC files, and resultant file appear in your Audiobooks section and will remember where you left off.

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