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Convert copy of blu ray & hd dvd to .mkv?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by speters, Apr 3, 2010.

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    I have been using makemkv to make backup of blu ray's but I have a few that I could get makemkv to work on. So I used anydvd, running through VM Fusion, made copies of those blu rays to my hard drive. So now I am trying to figure out how I can make .mkv files from these copies on my hd? I would prefer to do it on the mac side because I don't have enough space left on the drive that's running Windows. I tried running makemkv on the file on the hd but I keep getting a fatal error. Is there anyway to convert a copy of a blu ray or hd dvd disk to .mkv on the mac?

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    If you can free up space on the Windows side, I'd suggest looking at eac3to.
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    Hi Steve,

    If you don't mind encoding the blu-ray rip, then you can use tsMuxer (under Parallels or Fusion, Mac version not yet available for Snow Leopard) to pull out the video and audio streams from the rip and then Handbrake on the Mac to create the mkv.

    If you're running low on disk space under Fusion, then map a Mac directory under your virtual machine and then set tsMuxer use that directory. I usually create an .m2ts file which will feed directly into Handbrake. Handbrake will maintain the AC3 or DTS audio.

    This solution is completely free.
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    The shared folder (I have one simply called BD on my Mac partition) is the way to go so that you don't have to add things to a small Windows drive.

    Then use Clown_BD which is a great (and free) GUI for eac3to and tsMuxeR. I mux to an m2ts file and then use Handbrake to convert to an m4v or mkv file.

    If you rip the BD and open in Clown_BD and after the first pass see that there is only one m2ts file for the main movie playlist then you can skip that step and simply open that m2ts in Handbrake as well.
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    I too used AnyDVD and Clown_BD on my collection of HD DVD's which I was able to pick up on Amazon for a few dollars each. It was great. However, the resulting M2TS files though they work perfect with Handbreak do not include a chapter track. So, your final encode will not include chapters.

    So, you will need to manually add a chapter track with Subler or Meta Hootennanny.
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    Cave Man

    There is an easy work-around for tsmuxer with Snow Leopard.
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    Is there any way to use free/low cost software instead of anydvd? (or at least a mac alternative, I've stopped investing in pc software.)

    I am interested in only converting my hddvd discs for now, bluery will come later.

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    Oh, thanks for that! I will give it a try.
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    MakeMKV has very limited HD DVD support. It did not work on any of mine. Not much software development going on today for HD DVD. I do not know of any other solution other than AnyDVD. However, they offer a free trial period. If you get an efficient system down and apply yourself, you might be able to rip all your HD DVD's during the trial. Then, of course, you will be so appreciative that you will buy the software anyway...
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    Ok, let's say I rip the hddvd with anydvd. Then how would I get them to a QuickTime file without makemkv, since it doesn't work on

    Edit: Nevermind, I see in the posts above I have to investigate something called clown bd.
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    Clown_BD works with AnyDVD to make an M2TS file that can be read and encoded with Handbrake
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    Cave Man

    Can it provide chapter markers and subtitles to Handbrake?
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    The M2TS file does not have chapters, but Clown_BD spits out the chapters as a .txt file and the subtitles as a .sup file. You can also add the forced subs to the M2TS when remuxing. This guy explains his process here.

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