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Convert .mov to high quality .gif

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Doctor Who, Mar 3, 2008.

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    I have been recently been trying to convert a .mov to a high quality .gif to no avail. All the free software I have tried has resulted in bad quality. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    .mov to animated Gif? I dont know.

    PS CS3 does have a movie frame option. Depending on how long your clip is, you can capture some of the frames or (Apple-Shift-4 and select the keyframes) You are looking for keyframes and a few frames if you want to do an animated gif, otherwise your file is going to be huge MBs.

    You might want to consider FLV or another format if you want to embed it in a website and it is more than a few frames.
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    I'm assuming you're trying to make your .mov into an animated .gif? If that's the case you can do it manually. An animated .gif is a few images strung together in a cycle. You're going to have to take one shot at a time of your .mov and create the .gif you want.
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    Oh, ok thanks. Do you know the max amount of frames photoshop will take? It tells me their is a limit but it doesn't say what the limit is.
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    no clue, but the adobe forums are very helpful also. might want to try them.
  6. tsd
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    You can use iMovie to pull out still frames. Then use Photoshop Extended to do the animated gif. If you don't have Photoshop Extended, you can use ImageReady.
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    apple-shift-4 & quicktime
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    ImageReady used to be able to import mov. At least with CS1

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