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Converting 192kbs AAC down to 128kbs AAC?!?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by FleurDuMal, Dec 29, 2007.

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    Hey guys,

    Currently all of my iTunes library is in 192kbs ripped directly from the CD. However, in the next few weeks I'm thinking about buying a iPhone or iTouch and will be concerned with getting as much onto the device as possible, so I'm considering converting my library down to 128kbs.

    I want to do this by using the "Convert to AAC..." function in iTunes on the 192kbs file to create a 128kbs version of it. Will this result in a worse sounding file than if I created the 128kbs from the original CD source? I know that converting between formats (i.e. from MP3 to AAC) is worse than ripping direct from the CD, but is this also the case with converting within the format? I'm not audiophile (obviously) and, in all honestly, my ears are a bit naff I think.

    Also, if anyone has any tips on an easy way to do this then that'd be appreciated :)
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    Smart playlists...

    Unless you really need to listen to every song you have.
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    I'd recommend against such nonsense.
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    Anyone actually know the answer to the question? :confused:
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    Yes the the resulting file will be worse quality than if you had ripped it directly from the CD.

    AAC is a lossy format so using your method you go from CD -> 192kbs AAC (you lose quality here) then -> 128kbs AAC (losing quality again).

    If you rip from the CD you only go through one lossy stage.
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    listen to Donald!
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    Don't do it. When I download music, I leave it as is because it's usually already in a loss format. I rip from CDs as as high a quality as I can. I used to download tons of music and convert it all to lower bitrates, but after narrowing down my collection to about 9000 from 30k+, I have no need for that. And the sound quality is better because of it.
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    The real question here is why the need for all the punctuation in the thread title?!?
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    I wouldn't do it. Ok I'm pretty demanding when it comes to sound (I wouldn't say I'm an audiophile, more of a musician) and converting from 192 to 128 will result in very poor sound, much worse than 128...

    Personally, 192 is the least I would want to listen to...

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