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Converting MBP case to MBA case...

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by monaarts, Jan 25, 2011.

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    Hey everyone,

    I bought a Booq Bag Vyper M3 case when I bought my 13" MacBook Pro and I LOVE the case… It looks real slick, is pretty light, and adds a ton of protection to my laptop. Because they don't make this same case for the 13" MBA I thought about converting it by maybe gluing in some type of soft foam on one or both sides so it kind of sandwiches the MBA in there. Does anyone have any idea of what kind of foam I can use or where I can purchase it from? Or has anyone ever done this?

    - Joe
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    Maybe you can find a sleeve that would make the MBA a bit more bulky?
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    It would just get old putting the laptop into a case to put it into another case… IDK. :-/

    - Joe
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    Ya. I had a problem fitting my MacBook air in a bag. I took 3 large pieces of microfiber and placed it on top. It's ugly but it did the job till my sleeve comes in tomorrow
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    also at walmart you can purchase Velcro, that also might do the trick without the need of glue... its industrial strength, whatever that means haha

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