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Converting Ripped TV shows in HandBrake

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Bozley0621, Sep 21, 2010.

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    I used RipIt to rip a DVD of 6 tv episodes. How do I convert all of them in HandBrake? I tried, but it only did the 1st episode from the DVD.
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    In Handbrake it defaults to the first Episode. There should be a drop down to select the rest
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    As WiiDSmokers mentioned, each episode has a unique title. To encode all, you need to set up an encoding run for each episode/title--title drop down menu is on the top left of Handbrake. Only way to know which title corresponds to an episode is to open the DVD rip file (or the actuall DVD) in DVD player, select the episode from the menu and click on title to see the title number. Some shows will follow chronological order in their title sequence while many won't so don't assume title 1 is the first episode, title 2 is the second, etc.
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    It's odd, the title dropdown has "titles" by time increments. It would be easy to tell which increment is the TV show if they were equal, but the first incrment is an hour and 44 minutes. The other options are anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. The 6 shows are only approximately 25 minutes in length. I wonder if I should be ripping with something other than RipIt for Tv shows.
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    I've successfully ripped and encoded about 600 episodes of TV shows using RipIt and Handbrake without incident. Just identify the title number of each episode on the original DVD or the ripped file and manually select that title number from the drop down list. You can also select a specific title by choosing File > Open Source (Title Specific), selecting your ripped file and inputting the exact title number. There are bound to be extra titles listed--usually correspond to the extra options found on most DVDs.
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    Beaware that while most TV show disks have each episode as a seperate title some have one long title with each episode as a different range of chapters, for example:-

    Chapters 1-5 are Episode 1
    Chapters 6-10 are Episode 2
    Chapters 11-15 are Episode 3
    And so on........

    If this is the case you'll need to play the disk in a dvd player software and make a note of which chapter correspond with each episode.
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    I'm hoping this is it. I'm ripping a dvd of episodes of another series now to see how that plays out.

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