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Cooknn Made Me Do It!!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by iGary, Jan 27, 2006.

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    So I decided to add panoramas to my photography skilz...

    So $1500.00 later, my bathroom looks like this:


    And I'm banging my head against my computer trying to make a QTVR. :D
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    Dude. What a beautiful bathroom. Did you decorate it, or did you inherit the decorations?

    And so clean. Ugh. You make me ashamed.
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    Hmmm, now I have some inspiration for what to do with the roll of blue masking tape I have in my drawer :D

    Did you pre-cut the tape or did you just wing it?;)
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    Rob came home and was like "OK, what are you doing NOW?"
  5. EGT
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    It doesn't look like that normally, does it? :confused:

    It looks very nauseating! :eek: :p
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    Is that blue masking tape? just kidding.
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    WTF?!?! What is this all about Gary? Is the masking tape for alignment?
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    I like it, Gary! :)
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    i think iGary is trying to symbolize the hatred between the israelis and the palestinians. he is trying to make a statement so that the hatred will stop, and peace will reign. The blue symbolizes the ocean, which is blue, and is peaceful. The vertical and horizontal lines symbolize a maze which the israeli and palestinian governments have to go thorough to get peace. The reason gary did this in his bathroom is because everyone goes to the bathroom one time or another. It's what brings us together. The bathroom. So he is also trying to say that since the Israelis and the Palestinians have something in common ( the bathroom), they should have peace.

    or maybe gary did it to signify the beauty of an omlette. Either way, it's highly symbolic...:D
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    Fabulous tub! The colors are wonderful

    There is a small app that comes with Canon cameras called "Photostitch" that makes QTVRs of panoramic shots.

    Here is an example of the success of Photostitch :)
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    My dad was a 'handyman' :p :D :eek:

    Actually it looks like this:

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    God help you if you ever want to take a panoramic QTVR'd shot of the ocean. For that matter, as I'm unsure where the tape needs to go, you might want to avoid shots involving people, especially small children. ;-)
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    Reminds me of Mondrian's bathroom.:)
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    Awe, to bad that is not duck tape. Then Red Green would have been proud :p
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    For some reason, the first picture reminds me of 2001:A Space Odyssey, but I'm not sure why.
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    DUCT tape, not DUCK tape. As in tape for sealing ducts.

    And yes, the old man would be proud if iGary had used some of the handyman's secret weapon.
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    'Duct tape is the 'hillbilly' tool to repair anything i.e. holes in tennis shoes:eek:

    sorry to the 'hillbilly' group but i'm in the group but the extended family part.. I'm a true okie but a california transplant
  19. mpw

    What to use to seal ducks

    iGary without a curtain doesn't your floor get wet when you shower?
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    Who's Rob?
    Nice Bathroom.
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    He's the significant other.
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    From what I understand, once I have a template built from this tape mess, I will never have to set control points again. As long as you shoot the scene exactly as you did for the template, the stitching program already knows what pixels match.
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    iGary your bathroom reminds me of The Birdcage. Not sure why until the partner comment. Do you have those painted plates as well? :)

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