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    Hey guys, new to the forums, been a developer for a long time now though (Approx. 2 years), and I wanted to tell you all about one of my recent projects! Being that this community is awesome (at least what I’ve seen thus far) I thought this would be the perfect place to talk about it. I’ve developed an app, called BookStaria, and have worked on it for countless hours (100+) and it just isn’t really getting any attention. The app shows users any new releases of books and upcoming books. It allows people to rate books and write reviews.

    I was wondering if anyone had any marketing advice? Thanks!
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    How much pr are you doing? This seems like the sort of things literary blogs would try out and talk about. Do you send out PR emails every day?
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    Also, your app store description needs a little work. You have a line break in the first two lines, which is a no-no. Check out some of your competitors to see what they promote, as its probably a good indicator of what sells. Get rid of that line break and make sure the best part of the text fits in the space before the "more" break.

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