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Discussion in 'Community' started by iGav, May 23, 2003.

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    Although it's quite scary as my new site features the same text input based navigation as this site... great minds and all that jazz.... heh-heh!

    From the ex-Deepend Londons guys...

    So creative party people... what are your fav design/creative company sites??

    P.S. me thinks this could be a small thread... :eek: :p :p
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    that was sorta silly. i typed contents and nothing came up. i also typed home....nothing. i typed help...nothing. sorta lame and it waisted my time. if i was searching for a design company i would want them to have their site a bit more bullet proof than that. and deconstructionism is dead. the trend is tired. but still, thanks for the link. i'll post one later.
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    I don't think the de-construct website worked properly in my Safari... Couldn't get any more than the Enter Site page.

    One of my favourite design companies must be 2advanced. They're really into progressive Flash development and make effective websites with snappy and complex graphics. I also gotta admit that my own design company, Zenith Webdesign, is one of my favourites... :rolleyes: :D
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    Mr. Anderson

    I couldn't get anything either in safari. The main deconstruct00 counted up to de-construct07 and that was it.

    So what's your new site iGav?

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    I think it's more an issue with Safari.... I've emailed Apple feedback about it. It works a treat in IE and Netscape though!

    Sites such as require a certain leap of faith when using them for the first time... Anything that is different from the norm dictates so.

    I personally found it to be incredibly intuitive the first time I used it, and more so as it becomes more developed and more keywords are added....

    The first thing I typed when I first used it was 'Work' and then 'Cients'... if you're not sure what to do... then what do you do??? You ask for 'Help' of course... to me this is super intuitive.

    Sites like these are most certainly not linear in the usual Amazon style, but there target audience is very different... and this is certainly one of the more innovative sites I seen that tries to push forward navigational ideoligies away from the usual 'chest-of-draws' metaphor that seems to afflict the navigation of the majority of sites on the web.

    Sites like these must make Jakob Nielsen (annoying usability guru) have a spaz and flip... heh-heh

    2Advanced are a very innovative design company, although I'm not such a fan of the look of their sites per se, but the technology that drives them is very impressive.

    Here's another site, but it's the complete opposite of de-constructs site... but still quite nicely styled... clean and minimal... always a good thing! ;)

    And alittle different again...


    P.S. How can deconstructionism be dead??
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    Mr. Anderson

    That's some interesting stuff - although on the attic page, I'm not a big fan of a long intro that doesn't really give you any real content. Especially with the 'skip' button.

    If you have an intro flash animation that covers the site loading, thats fine. That or something short and sweet.

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    i havent tried it with safari. my origina post was made at work with IE.

    p.s. i dont think any web site is linear, actaully i believe i visited one linear site my whole experience with the web. a linear site wouldnt even need menus, just a next button.

    i dont really care for their navigation, it causes discomfort to the user. for instance the first four minutes of trying to navigate their site in IE yesterday was a big turn off. first thing i did was type help hoping they would have an index of what to type.

    i dont know, i guess i think about the user to much and not the cool factor. ive been reading up on information design and i dont think Tufte would appreciate that site, hes one of the best informational designers out there. i think making the user guess is sorta impolite. i dont want to waiste my clients time. they do say type "contents" but why? isnt a click much easier? i dont know, im just always thinking of the user lately, not cleverness.
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    o sorry i didnt see this part of your post, i just woke up, need coffee.

    im sorry, i was coming off a bit snobbish. deconstruction doesnt really (at least when it first hit) lend itself to displaying large amounts of content. it doesnt allow the viewer to find a rhythm of the flow of information. good example raygun magazine. sure cool effects but their magazine was a bitch to read. i like it as an art-form more than a way to organize and display information. im more of a form and function kind of guy when it comes to serious design of information. it all depends on the target audience though.

    i do tend to like clean and simple designs lately, only because im sooooooo tired of that sporty spacey look EVERY body has been doing. its to the point now where its not even creative. maybe the first guy that really really nailed that style was creative. now everyone else is just in emulation mode.

    i want to say again that deconstructionism, when in the context of art is fine (for me). but when used to display info, i think it gets in the way (ray gun magazine).

    and i have to compliment you on not flaming me for being so critical yet offering no reason on my earlier post, not the norm around here.

    heres a site i like: its more about the content though, not the design. the work and exibition sections are my favorite

    heres the site of the designer of ray-gun
    supposedly he started it all (deconstructionism). in commercial design that is.

    the first page is about the last war, click enter to get to his site.

    heres a link with an article about him
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    That 2advanced site is awesome. Really cool stuff.
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    i'd love to work at the attik...
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    this is funny, this company is located really close to where I live, I had no idea they were that famous (all the way to Norway :p )

    A good friend of mine used to work there, more of a marketing person though. I met the guys at a party in San Diego once...

    It is a small world :D
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    Snobbish?? nah.... don't worry bud... you raised some good points... ;)

    I'm surprised you had probs with the de-construct site in IE... oh well.... the nature of the beast and all... :p :p :p

    RayguN was so cool... I've got about 40 issues of it from the first to the 00's.... and the evolution of the design is incredible... the later issues were so different to the Carson era... although I think my fav period was when Chris Ashworth from Substance took over... he's certainly one of my favourite designer/art direcors on the planet! the last I heard he was working at Getty Images in London.. bit of a change there me thinks!!

    I actually did my dissertation on ray Gun just to pi$$ off my lecturer who was totally against RAY gun and that whole period of experimentism... Arguing that it was style only... no substance... he obviously didn't understand the meaning of the word 'style' but his case rest every lecture!!

    I so love dirty graphics, it's a deep passion within me... I spent so much time at Uni playing with fax machines, photocopiers and letter press machines... (my old Uni had one of the best letter press and assorted traditional typography bits in the UK, what's even more bizarre is that they wanted to junk it, until we managed to save it, saying it was just as valid as a Mac for design), but then again they were the first place to offer digital design MA's in the UK back in the v.early 80's... Getting all inked up and playing with thermal paper etc was so much more fun than staring at Quark!

    After a period of a few years being clean and minimal I'm getting the urge to get down and dirty again, it seems to be picking up momentum in the UK!! I just hope it doesn't repeat what went before from the whole Cranbrook through Carson era!

    We need a different destination, the result of a different journey, travelling different paths!

    Another site... this ones for Graphics International magazine...

    From the guys from Engage Studio.... one of which hangs around here...


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    Everyone goes through that stage... Why don't you apply for an internship there?? They're in NYC... you might just get lucky!!

    One of the people in my BA group I used to teach, works for them now... in London...
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    Cool! I don't remember exactly how I discovered the site in the first place, but I have to say that I'm really impressed by their homepage and their portfolio.

    BTW, was great! In a complete different style than 2advanced, but it contained really impressive animations and creative Flash "effects".
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    Thanks for the linkage :)

    i.e Graphics International and Engage... also check out...MILL
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    Mr. Anderson

    Sorry for the shameless plug - not much quite yet, but some time this summer the official launch will be quite cool...;)


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