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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by iMacZealot, Apr 25, 2005.

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    You might already know about this trick, but I decided to post it anyway. I have come up with a way of showing graphics on a monitor and a person can sit there and deliver news, or whatever. Here it goes!

    Devices used:
    AppleWorks 6 (You porbably can use LiveType or Motion instead)
    iMovie (or FCP or FCE)
    A DV camera
    A big television monitor (I used a 36" Sony CRT)
    A VCR (Perhaps a DVD player and a Superdrive)
    A Recordable Video Tape
    And your Mac, of course!

    Okay, first, you need to create graphics. I made some in AppleWorks 6 in a Presentation layout. Gradients usually work the best. To customize gradients, go to the Options Menu, and select "Edit Gradients." Once you have done that, play the show. Next, you make a screenshot of that by holding down Command (Or the Apple button) Shift and 3. That makes a PDF saved on desktop.

    Next, Open iMovie, or whatever video editing app you use, and import the PDF picture that you made from the desktop. Choose how long you want it to be, and if you want the Ken Burns effect. Then watch the movie and make sure the PDF stays the way it is. Sometimes if you extend pictures like this, gray bars will appear towards the end.

    Moving on, export the movie to your camera, with the camera on VTR mode. Once it has stopped recording, unplug your camera and close iMovie.

    Then, go to your monitor, and connect your camera with A/V chords. Pop in the tape, make sure the TV is receiving the right input (usually Line-2) and press record on the VCR. Immediately following that, press play on your camera. This records your graphics onto a tape. Once the video is done, Press stop on your camera, then stop on your VCR. Rewind the tape, and unplug the camera.

    Now, it's time to make it look really cool. Have someone to stand next to the monitor, and they will begin talking when graphics appear. The camera can record that person and create somewhat a news broadcast. The person sitting next to the monitor will be delivering the news while graphics appear on the monitor. It's especially cool when you put a weather map on it.

    If you have questions, comments, or ideas, post them below!
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    Mr. Anderson

    That's an awful lot of work that you can do all in the computer without having to go to video tape....

    Just tape yourself on a white background or solid color that you can maskout and overlay that on top of your other graphics.

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    Why not just export to DV file and play on your monitor?

    Why not just use Final Cut? Or even Avid Free DV?
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    print to tape and chroma keying are not available in iMovie; i think he ways just showing a lo-fi way of having an animated background.

    peace | djame
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    Mr. Anderson

    ah - didn't know you couldn't selectively mask out a color in iMovie....

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    if it did i would have done my 48hour film this weekend in iMovie and not Vegas. :mad:

    i just picked up FCE so i can move my video editing over to the mac. :D ... can't wait to get Motion 2 and DVD Studio Pro!

    peace | neut

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