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Cool idea or just stupid: Sling player for Consoles

Discussion in 'Games' started by atszyman, Apr 11, 2007.


Sling Player for consoles?

  1. Give it to me now!

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  2. Worthless.

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    Was reading the Sling support for :apple:TV thread and got to thinking about getting a SlingPlayer running on the :apple:TV. It's small, portable and you'd hook it to a TV anyway so it would be a great way to access your DVR/Cable/Satellite while away from home. Interface would be tricky with the onscreen remote and :apple:TV remote but I'm sure it could be done. This got me thinking about a SlingPlayer for the consoles.

    If you were going away on an extended vacation and wanted to take the console with you it would be a method for accessing your home TV/DVR that had to be hooked up to a TV anyway, the onscreen remote should be easier to interface with since you can use the analog sticks (or point with a Wiimote) to take control.

    Admittedly my first thought was the Wii, since I have one. It's small, easy to transport and if you've already upgraded video cables a $20 power adapter and $10 sensor bar is all you need to make it travel ready and not disassemble your entire AV rack. You'd be hooking it to a TV at your destination anyway so you wouldn't have to deal with the hassle of connecting a laptop or computer to the TV as well.

    You could also extend it to the DS and PSP for more portable options where you might have net access.
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    You should have an option for :confused: I read your post a few times and I'm not sure I understand what you want to do. You want to have a console that would have slingplayer installed so you won't have bring your content with you on an extended vacation. I guess it would be cool if you could install it on a memory card, and view your media on any high speed enabled Wii, xbox360, or ps3 now that would be cool.
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    I have high speed internet in most locations I travel to. So I could pack up my Wii, hook it up to the TV at the destination, and access my home cable/DVR through the SlingPlayer without having to connect my laptop to the TV (the Wii would connect with or without SlingPlayer) and the onscreen remote would still be the method of control.

    I lack online TiVO, and TiVO to go service (darn you DirecTiVO) so this would give me access to all of our recorded shows on the road with a small, easy to transport box that would be hooked to the TV anyway. Think of it like a Wii channel that accesses your SlingBox or a 360/PS3 application (whatever you call them) to do the same. You could control/watch all shows on your cable/satellite/DVR wherever you hooked it up provided you had WiFi access

    And if your destination already had a console all you'd need is the method to point it at your SlingBox and change the options when you want to watch your stuff (just be sure to change it back when you're done so no one messes with your stuff).
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    That's a tough one. Personally I wouldn't use it, but I can imagine some people really loving a feature like this... Tough one. I voted no purely because I would have no use.
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    EDIT: Misunderstood completely, got it the second time around.

    Actually, that would be pretty dang cool. The Wii's WiFi is only 802.11b I THINK (not 100% sure if it's b or g), and the range isn't that good though...I don't know how well it could stream video, but it would make a pretty nice dedicated device if it manages to.
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    I wouldn't vote give it to me now, but it's not worthless either. Somewhere in between. I like your idea of having slingplayer on a PSP or DS. Send an email to slingmedia and see what they say.
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    The Wii is 802.11g but even B exceeds most broadband connections. 3 Mb < 11 Mb so b can handle whatever the broadband throws at it.

    I just got to thinking as cool as the Sling Box concept is (a box that hooks to your TV that allows you to access your Cable Box/DVR from any computer (or internet enabled device) and then started to realize that with the latest wave of game consoles you have an internet capable device that's getting hooked to TVs all over the place. Give them an easy to configure player and you've now got the ability to go to anyone's house (provided they have a 360, PS3, or Wii) and access any show on your DVR. Discussing Lost? Friend didnt' record it or deleted it but it's on your DVR at home? Yeah, you can watch it on a computer but why? The console is already hooked to the TV.

    The DS/PSP would be a fairly obvious choice since they're already doing cell phones, but the consoles would open things up more. Wife work out in a room without the DVR? Already upgraded Wii cables to S-Vid or component? Buy an extra power supply and sensor bar for $30 and you can move the Wii in seconds and she can watch shows off the DVR while she works out.

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