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Cool parody switch ad...

Discussion in 'Switch Stories' started by neonart, Jan 17, 2003.

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    Doctor Q

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    It's by Jeremy West, who made the most amazing home movie I've ever seen: Power of the Sith (25MB so you'll need a fast connection).
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    wow they did a great job on that switch commerical. i thought it was funny.

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    Those actors were terrible and the 3d imagery was hoakey what kind of crap was that.;)

    Thanks I thought it was really good too for a home brew.
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    funny. :D
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    that rules... what better way to spend time with your kids... awesome.
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    Yeah the first one was cool, execpt when he said the macs were 'slower'.

    But he makes a good point.
    Speed/Not being able to run it < Less Speed/Runing almost all the time.
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    I saw a show on TV about parents who make their kids do this kind of thing. I really think it pushes the line on good parenting.

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    Doctor Q

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    I didn't get the impression that Jeremy West was forcing his kids and wife into slave labor as actors. Rather, I suspect that his kids share his enthusiasm for Star Wars. Kids that age love to be superheros. And what better fantasy for a kid than being the all-powerful master who gets all the popsicles he wants? Even if he has trouble getting his tongue to cooperate when he says "sith witch".
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    how do you figure?

    what makes this bad, rather than just a family doing a really cool video project with their mac...?

    i saw a show on tv on the e channel about how people who don't have style aren't as good as people who do.... i don't have a sense of style at all... guess i'm worthless after all.
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    That switch commercial was pretty funny.:D
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    Doctor Q

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    Mr. Anderson

    nice work on the switch ad, very clean and not a bad concept, although it is a bit hokey, I still smiled.

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    Switch background music

    Does anyone know what the switch adds background music is? Or where I can find it? I have a class project and I thought it would be fun to do a parady for.

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    Thanks alot.

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    all of those are really funny especially the "sith witch" one.
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